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File of resources involving forbidden knowledge. An Amazing List Of Hard To Find Web Sites dealing with FREE Cable TV, Cell Phones, Spying, Hacking, Credit, Weapons & More
We are revealing the secret websites they don't want you to know!
The Forbidden Disk
Of Secret Websites!

An Amazing File Of Secret Websites You Never Knew Existed!
This Diskette contains FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE information...
Everything Found Here Is For
Information Purposes Only!

There is too much information and great stuff included with this disk to mention here. All we are saying is you'll be on the internet for days, even weeks learning all the knowledge of how to get Free Cable TV, hacking, cracking, free software passwords, free pornography, warez and much more!

Here's A Short List Of Sites:

~ANONYMOUS SURFING - Allows you to surf the world wide web anonymously.
~UNDERGROUND SITES dealing with illegal software piracy. Get free full version software.
~ANONYMOUS EMAIL - Allows you to send anonymous email over the internet.
~ANARCHISTS PLANET - Large library of anarchists Bomb making information and files.
~CHAOSTIC HACKERS SITE - Numerous FREE hacking utilities, lock picking, illegal shit.
~FAKE-ID KITS - Information and files for creating fake ID. Getting a fake ID and other hot stuff.
~C0SM0ST' UNDERGROUND - - Large collection of underground links and information. Sizzling HOT!
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These Underground Websites Contain Hundreds of Links To:
~FREE Full Version Games And Software...
~1000's Of FREE Newly Released MP3's!
~100's Of FREE Adult Porno XXX Movies!
~And Many More Info We Can't List Here!

Know everything there is to know about the Internet
underground and how you can protect yourself!
Don't Wait Another Minute... Get Your Hands on
The Hottest Best-Selling Forbidden Website Disk!!

Your Computer System Requirements:
Because the Forbidden Disk is written in HTML format, you need Internet Explorer or
Netscape Navigator web browser, windows 95/98/2000, a 3.5 diskette drive and Internet Access

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