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Evil Voodoo Doll Kit
Comes With A Powerful 9 Inch Voodoo Doll
and A 64 Page Practioner's Book

love spells voodoo doll magic ritual black magick wicca witch witchcraftDo You Want To Fuck With Someone's Mind? Boyfriend or Girlfriend giving you trouble? Hoping to get that big raise and promotion soon? How about your so called friends or co-workers?

Please be aware that a Voodoo Doll is not a joke! The special ritual included with this doll makes it a very serious matter. You choose what kind of curse you put on the person...use wisely. In doing this or any other kind of revenge spell, you should always be sure to ask that the person only be hurt as much as you were, NOT MORE!

Voodoo Dolls can also be used to cast a love spell, a justified revenge spell, or even can be used on yourself for self improvement! When using a voodoo doll to cast love spells, always make sure that you are doing the love spell with true love in your heart and that you are giving love freely and asking that the other person give their love freely back to you. When using a voodoo doll for a revenge spell, always make sure that you have been wronged through no fault of your own. Remember to ask that the person be hurt only as much as you were, no more and no less -- by using a doll fairly you are in no way breaking any Universal laws.

Put the power of voodoo to work for you. Here's everything you need to get started including a powerful 9-inch doll good for hours of pin-pricking fun, plus a complete guide to tapping your own special voodoo powers. Just watch the terrific results when you do that voodoo that you do so well.

Warning: We take no responsiblity as a result of
your actions. Utilize these very powerful
Voodoo Kit at your own discretion.

Voodoo Doll Kit....ONLY $24.95
Your Order Comes With A 9 inch (2 sided Good/Evil)
Green Voodoo Doll and a 64 Page Voodoo Booklet

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