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Dallas City Cemetery

( Dallas County, Texas )



There are several cemeteries that are named, have been named or have been referred to as Dallas City Cemetery.  This particular Dallas City Cemetery is located in northwest Dallas, Dallas County, Texas in a block bordered by Harry Hines Blvd on the east, Myrtle Springs on the south, Shady Trail on the west and Freewood on the north.  (Dallas MAPSCO 23S)




It is surrounded by commercial buildings and is not visible from the public streets.  It is accessible by a gravel driveway on the north side of the office building at 10606 Shady Trail.



Though no longer an active burial ground it is believed to have been used for indigent and unknown persons between 1932 and 1972. The cemetery appears to be mowed on a regular basis and dead trees, fallen limbs and litter removed. There is no evidence of any dumping at the site.



1.  View from the end of the gravel driveway looking east by southeast


2.  A well used vehicle track runs from west to east in the center of the cemetery


3.  Individual graves are marked with a bronze nameplate attached to a concrete base -

many of the nameplates are damaged or missing and most of the concrete bases have sunk below the grade or turf


4.  The turf around this group of markers has been recently trimmed


5.  There are artificial flowers on several of the gravesites which appear fairly new


6.  There are about a dozen additional flat markers in the cemetery -

 this one is homemade and the grave has a concrete cap.


7. Dillinger (infant) - 1936


8. Conteras - 1954


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Photos and descriptions by M C Toyer

30 May 2003