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Critics often point out the similarity between my comic and Naturo. Other animes have also been pointed out, but they did not inspire this series in the least. The repetitive nature of anime creates the illusion that every new series is copying every series that came before. I don’t mind a cool power of character design being lifted or borrowed from a previous series, but sitting there, starring at your television, predicting every plot line yet to be revealed is torturous. I got into anime because it seemed unique and different, but I have now seen enough anime to know all the basic plots. In 3 years I have outgrown anime as childish and immature. This is, of course, a generalization as there are animes that are still distinct and creative, but they seem almost as sparse as creative American films. It was from this hatred of predictability that Ninja X was born. I wanted the King Lear illusion to effect my readers. When King Lear was first produced, the predictable story ended on a twist that caused such shock and grief among the peasants that the ending had to be altered to be predictable. I wanted to shock the world. I wanted to take a predictable story line and then morph it at the last second to be grotesque and horrifying. I took two lessons to heart in creating this series; “The greater the drama, the greater the emotional effect,” and “Happing endings are uncompleted stories.” I could have ended this series as the ending was written in my head. A sequel may be unavoidable, but for now I require a break. As is, I am satisfied with the ending. Had this series continued, it would have grown much darker and probably would have alienated the few readers I have. The current ending though, was the ending I had originally intended to leave this series with. I feel that leaving the story uncompleted forces te reader to decide the ending for themselves. “Stories only end with lazy readers.” But readers may wonder why I decided to not continue the series. I wrote this series as I went, with only a vague goal of where to end up. Along the way, Kagurato became a much more pivotal character then I had originally desired. I feel his subplot convoluted the story to a degree unnecessary and hinders the plot. I decided to take another run at this series, creating, by another accident, an almost entirely different story. I will post this when it is finished at the usual web comic lists. I will also throw up a link here. Once that is done, the future is a bit unpredictable. I may return here or I may not. Til then, I would just like to thank everyone who read this series. Hopefully you enjoyed it. Hopefully this story accomplished my goal. Hopefully you will follow me to my next project. Thanks and goodbye for now. –Love, Matt

Well, my story is finished. Thanks to all those who left comments or added me as a favorite or just read regularily. I apprecriate it. See you guys later. :)

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