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Okay, now don't be offended. If this is your first time being here and it probably is, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this unless you have OCD. We're not trying to steal anything from DC or Marvel. We're not trying to say that any of that is ours. We are just starting out in the comic book universe. And even though we will have our own comics on this site eventually. It will also be a fan site for comics we (simply stated as "The Gods") like. So until we get our own comics off the ground. Enjoy our Marvel/DC fansite!
I just put in the new menu. I hope ya'll like it!

DC IS THE SHIZNIT!!!...I'll write later. If I may leave you with a few words to get you through the day, "DC Heroclix rocks, and so does Batman 614, 615, 616!"

Images owned by Marvel and DC comics.

Images used without permission