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Ultimate Fantastic Four

Eleven years ago, teenage genius Reed Richards is unhappy at home and unhappy at school. His only friend is his neighbor, upperclassman Ben Grimm. During this time, Reed was working on a teleportation device that would transport solid matter through parallel dimensions. When the government got wind of it, Reed was handpicked to join the Baxter Building, a youth think tank right in the heart of New York City, led by Doctor Storm. It is there that Reed met fellow young scientist Susan Storm and her younger brother Johnny Storm. Here, Reed witnessed his first view of the parallel dimension he had dedicated his life to cracking: the N-Zone

For years, Reed worked on the device with fellow genius Victor VanDamme until they are ready to test it. Then, Reed's childhood friend, Ben Grimm makes it out to the Nevada desert test site to witness Reed's lifelong dream come true.

But something went horribly wrong and changed Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben forever...

Mr. Fantastic
Invisible Woman
The Human Torch
The Thing

Supporting Cast:
Professor William Storm
Willie Lumpkin
General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross
General Talbot
Alicia Masters
Dr. Mary Storm


The Silver Searcher
Seed 19

Doctor Doom
The Mole Man
Nihil Caste
Rhona Burchill
Super Skrull
Revka Temerlune Edifex Scyros III
Red Ghost

Villainous Groups:
The Inhumans
The Skrulls
The Serpent Squad