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Holy hell | 11.05.06 | 04:30
The impossible has happened. I've made a new comic. Insomnia will do weird things to you.

Worrying | 06.11.05 | 14:20
Sorry, no comic yet. Instead, there's wallpaper. Rejoice.
I'm really starting to worry about this Angelfire account of mine. I really wish I had a job so I could get a real server. A few days ago, I saw that a couple pages of this website (including the main page) had "corrupted code" and uploading a fresh copy of the code didn't do jack. Somehow it fixed itself. Then today, I saw some oddities on the art page. I've probably been "haxed" and "pwned" and all that crap.

Pic galore | 05.30.05 | 13:45
Right now, finishing up school > maintaining website. However, I've gathered a few (4) pics together and uploaded them to the funny pics section. Comics should be coming shortly after this week. Thanks for your awesome patience. Summer = hardcore updating.

Scary | 05.14.05 | 12:20
Kinda scary how someone got into my angelfire account (this website's account). I've got backups of pretty much everything, but still...this is scary. I dunno if changing my password will be enough. However...Mr. Hacker, thank you for merely uploading a harmless(?) picture into this account and not doing something more damaging such as changing the password or deleting this website altogether.

What a weekend | 05.08.05 | 23:10
Since my weekend was jampacked with fun, there was no time for comics. Comics aren't fun. Duh. Now the next couple of days are packed with tests, but soon I shall be free...until finals...bah.
Hopefully the 2 new funny pics will satisfy your search for funny? Although...I've noticed that a lot of them aren't exactly pure humor...rather pointing out some random mistakes. Oh about that comic I put up last time? Yeah...

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