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Episode 2 - "Sex and Violence"

"So much for pathos!"

Original Broadcast Date: Oct. 12, 1969

Attempted Synopsis: A rustic but verbose farmer and a "city gent" discuss the growing epidemic of flying sheep, followed by an attempt by some unconvincing Frenchmen to do the same; a man who claims to have three buttocks refuses to display his proof on national television; a man displays his act of "musical mice" who bleat on-key when he hammers them; a man in a session with a marriage counselor blithely ignores the counselor's advances on his wife; Queen Victoria and Gladstone brawl; a fancy playwright resents the "class" implications made by his coal-mining son; a monsignor and a philosopher duke it out to decide if God exists; a TV-show expose of men dressing up as mice behind closed doors.

Review: One of the top episodes from the first series, this one has all the great Python elements: wordplay, strange juxtapositions ("Coal mining is a wonderful thing, father, but it's something you'll never understand"), strange little men acting slightly nonplussed at jaw-droppingly weird circumstances, and the ripened bosom of Carol Cleveland. And thank heavens, God exists in best out of three falls.

Priceless Gag: A "mice man" wishes to remain anonymous, so the BBC helpfully gives his name and address.

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