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!!! Ryan's World of Marvel !!!

October - 04 - 06 - I'm..............UPDATING!!!!!!!!!!

Aug - 19 - 04 - Guten Tag, Not much new, but i added *cue soap opera music. A GUEST MAP!!!! Please sign :-)

July - 14 - 04 - Hey Guys, New-Old Harry Potter Micros in the Other-Other Section :-) Hope you all (of those who are in the USA) had good fourths

May - 10 - 04 - Wow. Three months, no update. Sorry folks. Well, anywho, check in most sections, tons of new things. In fact, ive added a couple new sections. OTHER MICROS! yes, i do make some micros that have nothing to do with marvel. Mostly Star Wars and old tv shows but still cool. I hope you all enjoy it! - Ryan

Feb - 02 - 04 - NEW STUFF EVERYWHERE! NEW X-MEN, and SPIDEY LAYOUTS! Still alot of backrounds to be added, which ill get to later though.

Dec - 15 - 2003 - Added quite a bit of stuff, including alot of stuff into the x-men wing (of course), an invisible Girl into the Fantastic Four Wing, A 3-Angle Captain America and Cyclops, A Hulk, A new Betty Brant, 2 new Punishers, and Some Spideys in the Spider-Man Section.

Please sign my . . .

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