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Its been past a week since I last updated and wanted to say that I was tired and I should be sleeping. Well I think I might make a comic now so I will make the comic and then re-update the site. Well that is it..... for now.

Well today is my birthday, and for this special occasion, I updated my quotes section to have a special new quote for today. I also wanted to mention how stupid people are. Here is a sample conversation 4 days ago:

Someone: Hey Robert, in 4 more days you'll be one year older.

Me: How do you figure?

Someone: Well its your birthday.

Me: Actually in 4 more days, I will only be 4 days older, i don't suddeny age 365 days at once, I take it second by second like any normal person. I am not a time traveler, do you think I control the universe....

Well it went on and on, and it was kind of stupid. Oh yeah It is 1:35 in the morning and I still haven't done my physics. Well off to physics work. G'Night/Motrning.

I am going to be gone this Thursday night until Saturday night so, I just thought I would update stuff about gnomes a little more. No numbers yet though sorry for the inconveniene. "Aw gorcaw ilogcotol." "Aw gorcaw ilogcotol." If you don't know what the heck I just said, you haven't been visiting the section on gnomes. Click here to go there now this is all I have for right now, so until later remember to Lonk the Patty workers.
Congratulations to Dan W. for being the 555 person to view my website. Eight Splarolking for him. Splarolking! Splarolking! Splarolking! Splarolking! Splarolking! Splarolking! Splarolking! Splarolking!. Go Dan. Well other than Spalorking and such I have been learning much about gnomes.. mainly verb conjugations. These will be up shortly. Also, I hate school. I just thought I would let you know that.I have just officialy updated the gnome language to include verb conjugations click here to check it out. I am going to shortly make that page a lot neater to read. Gnomish numbers are next. It isn't to hard you can learn only one more thing before i go to bed...NEW COMIC!!!!!!!!!
I was just thinking, and when that happens good things happen. I was reminiscing and realized I forgot to include a very important thing to this website. Yes you guessed it... The BREAD GAME. This is a very fun game I mentioned it before, but never explained how it was played. Well the first rule is...I forget it. But buy the official bread game book and you can learn how to play like professionals. Also once you read the book don't forget to read the extension book, if you don't read that you will be lost. First, How to play. To play the bread game you have to eat bread. Simple enough right. Well on each bag it says Exp. '04 or something like that correct? Good. Well what that means is that you get 4 experience for each piece of bread you eat from that bag. Good deal. The more experience you get the better. This experience is known as bread points. Once you get a lot of breadpoints you will gain more things. Next, you can never give away your breadpoints. If you want to be kind and give someone some of your points you have to beat the system. The most effective way to beat the system is to "drop" your bread points and have someone pick them up. This will get around even the most strict rule people. Well thats it for now, I will probably put up another site just for the bread game, but until them earn bread points. Also look for an update on gnome section soon. Verbs and there conjugations. Hehehe.
Visit the test site at Right Here Right Here
hi everyone just got back from camp a little while ago. I just wanted to try out tables, because I thought the site might look neater or something. Also I have discovered a great new game called the bread game. I will explain this eventually but this is truly a great game. Me and Greg have managed to become the only professionals. Talk to us about it.
I decided to put up a new comic before I went camping for the weekend no odd stuff here.
Good news. Well I said a couple of updates ago that the gnomes moved out from my pool deck. Good news there back. Well they never actually left, they just went underground for a while. Like I said before I am back. With some great news. Well first, the new comic is up. Next I found out one of the reasons I am the way I am. I found a journal from when I was 7 and 8 it is a great thing I found. Well I may be putting this up sometime, but I do not know when. So look forward to it. I will also be writing more on the gnome page and maybe splitting it into multiple pages, but you will soon find out with the upcoming updates. What fun this is. What is that you ask? Well if that isn't the meanest thing I have ever heard I am a giant leaf eating, ant smelling, water chewing frog. And I'm not. Trust me... Ok OK I know I resemble one but I promise you I am not one. Ok I am going to change the subject now. Look the end of this paragraph.
Hi everyone... Guess what? Ah come on.... guess something... Ok I give up. You were supposed to.. Well I have to go. be back later. Today is Wednesday and just typing to say H now works thank you everyone who didn't help me with my problem. Oh and I will be adding a little more about gnomes today check it out... confusing but interesting. That is all I will say today.
Ajjjj... Jelp me. My keyboard is not working jow it sjould be. Sjould all the J's be printing as J's. I Tjink not. Could someone somejow jelp me witj tjis problem. It is quite annoying and make me look like a bad speller. By tje way a new comic will be on its way sjortly. Arggjj Jow annoying tjis is. Oj yeaj I forgot to mention tjat I will be adding some new sections sjortly jopefully before I leave. But now I am going to work on the new comic and do some mucj needed to do stuff. So until next time. Tjree tjings don't eat purple cjicken, never destroy a parking meter, and gnomes are your friend. Ok i am back to finisj my talking. Oj yeaj if you want to visit tje special comic it is in tje arcjives, and I actually deleted tje first paragrapj tjingy i did. Be proud be very proud. I am also going to be leaving for anotjer 10 days on tjursday so don't expect a reply from me for a wjile. Wow wjat an amazing coincidence I just finisjed part of the new section on my website. It is all about GNOMES
click tjere or go down to links to visit it. It will be quite comprejensive wjen it is starts to get going. You will be able to learn gnomish, speak and write it, and learn everytjing about tjere culture. Straigjt from tje gnomes moutj. Just bear witj me because I may not be able to update it as much as I want.
I AM STARTING TO GET ANNOYED CHANGING THESE SO EVERYONE AFTER THIS SUBTRACT ONE UPDATE: Hi everybody that doesn't really view this site. I am going to update it today.... well yeah. Oh yeah and now with the excuses why haven't been updating it, lets start with the easy ones FFIX and FFX. Yeah I am playing 9 right now and I didn't get to finish 10. The story behind 10 is my brother. He has the PS2 and lives in California right now, so I won't be able to play 10 until about February but I am counting down. Oh yeah and I had surgery done, but that is just minor considering the whole FFX thing. I am still in mourning. Oh yeah and now on with the utter nonsense. But before that thanks to Louie for sending in a list of words, and I have one thing to say to you. TRUE! Well oh yeah and if evil satan loving demonistic gnomes move in under your pool deck. Tell them I'm sorry and they can m2ove back under mine whenever they are ready. We had a little arguement, but I am sorry. Well I think I will put up a special comic for Lou and one that goes along with my story. Well OK.
NOW: I have just switched almost everything over to html. I added Next and Previous arrows on my archives comics. Last but not least, I added a banner down there for Tales of Cirendi. I hope I spelt that correctly. Well that is all and I leave you with this thought. If giants were in charge of real estate, houses would be much bigger. Ok I am back on today for more updates, and just one simple question... It has to do with the master plan that I have been speaking of. You know the one you don't know about yet. Yeah that one. Well I am asking you all to write random words in a list seperated by commas. For example: pizza, bat, dog, .... etc. Well you get the idea. Just e-mail the list to me, and I will do something special like put you in the comic. That is the person with the biggest list.
THE LAST UPDATE: I am back from my vacation and Disney sure was fun. Saw all my favorite characters and got my picture taken with them. The Mad Hatter, Chip & Dale, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, etc. It wasy great, if you visit there I recommend visiting Disney Quest. Oh yeah now on to the pointless rambling. Oh yeah if you actually read all of this there is something mentally wrong with you. Heck I sit back and read it ten times a day. Oh yeah and if you have time drink a lot of grapefruit soda, and jump up and down in a Hoola-Hoop. Trust me, it brings out the best in everybody, just look at me. I am going to add a new quote today so be happy and don't try and defeat a warlord by throwing pieces of grass at him. So long this is me signing off.
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