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As of 12/24/05:

A Very Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year! Yes, folks..It's that time of the year again!

Sorry for almost near dead update. It has been a very busy real life. But, to compensate for the inactivity, I provide you the link to my Deviantart Account, I go there by the alias of "Shadypenpen". Lotsa never seen before Digimon mangas there, The first almost complete parts of the Suikoden manga, Trinity Jobs and this year's Holiday Manga which is under progress. So, if you are interested and curious, feel free to click the name! Have fuuun!

..Ah, visitors! Welcome! *Seductive giggle*

Errr...Yes, to our humble little zone full of comics site..*Uneasy looks to Rosemon*

What? What are you looking at me like that?!

It seems you're trying rather something to attract carbon-based organisms and Digital lifeforms alike..In a somewhat unique 'unconventional way..'

Am I? Well it's not my fault I'm just soooo sexay! *Seductive pose*

Riiiight...Like, I can see your waist line has been increasing lately with all those pigging out on greasy nachos and stuff. For Goddramon's sake, woman! Ever considering a diet or better yet, liposuction?!

You dare bash my *overwhelming* beauty, you tasteless oversized black palooka?!!! *Fumes and pulls out a chainsaw*

*Gulps* Errr...I think I left my microwave oven running..Bye! *Runs off*

Get back here and fight me like a mon! *Runs after BWG*


Some seconds lately....

Err, like Rosemon-san lately said: Welcome minna to the *most* secluded place in the Net! Please feel free to look around and I wish you all a good Manga Time! And, uh...Don'tmindwhathappenedlately, Hehehehehe...


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