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This webpage is dead.

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December 25, 2004, 2:05am

        Meri Kerisamasu Minai~!

December 6, 2004, 8:35pm

        Haven't really started on the new website yet. (My software died.) But anyway, just letting you know that when the new Redefine Comiks site comes up, there'll be a name change, Redefine Comiks will now be known as "Make Belief Studios".

        And for something cool, check out: free cds!

October 28, 2004, 1:00am

        I've been developing a Deviant Art page, if anyone is interested. Check out jaems-kun.

October 11, 2004, 9:00pm

        Doujin Dreams. A Redefine Comiks Compilation project, check it out here:

September 24th, 2004, 10:59pm

        I just noticed something... my daily bandwidth was exceeded 11 times over the past month... that makes me feel popular! Thanks guys! (sign the guestbook!)

September 23rd, 2004, 11:26pm

        Eh? People still look at this website? Well, whatever. Still nothing for me to "update" you on. ... ... my cd collection is growing again... Projects are still being worked, some new ones tooken up as well. So what exactly do I got going? Glad I asked! I have the megazeen webcomik submission, Capn' Aarg's compilation issue, new website server and layout, and I have taken on the tasks of making a website for my friend Calvin, and I will be doing the artwork for a part of the upcoming first issue of Tri-Light, a christian comic magazine (Rumor has it that I might even make a cover appearance... my artwork that is... not specifically me...) And that's about all that is keeping me busy these days. That and work... full time, treachurous, work. Which I'm only doing for the money to increase my anime collection. I'm considering stopping that so I can do more comics... considering.

August 26th, 2004, 5:28pm

        Peregrination of the Deliverer has taken off with huge success (at least 20 US dollars worth, whoo hoo!) and is now available at Megazeen Online. It comes with a Megazeen exclusive special character pin-up page... assuming they didn't fall out of the books when I mailed them... no one's said anything yet. Yah, thanks to everyone for the support. New website is in developemnt. A developement which is moving VERY SLOWLY, my apologies. New comiks in the making, which you won't find on the Progress Page since I have stopped updating this site. I'm working on a six page (full color credit to Mark Melton) webcomic which I will attempt to submit to megazeen online. As well, I will be appearing in a special compilation digest megazee... magazine, which focuses on "compassion", it will be put out by Stephen "Cap'n" of Cap'n Aarg's Island of Comics sometime in november/december. Once again, thanks to all those who are supporting me, I'll do my best!

July 27th, 2004, 5:17pm

        There won't be many updates for a good while. I'm gonna get ahold of an animation program and redo the entire website, make it look profeshy and such. Then I'm gonna move to an ad-free server. thanks for puttin up with me folks.

July 15th, 2004, 6:49pm

        Peregrination of the Deliverer is officially released! You can check it out in the comiks section, if you want to buy it, you can check it out in the merch section. ^_^

July 6th, 2004, 6:22pm

        POTD sampler (as will be seen in the Redefine Comiks AI Sampler) is up, about 2 megs zipped, png format, no content warnings, go see.

July 5th, 2004, 10:00pm

        Color version of the cover is up, expected release date is July 15th. cover pic

June 14, 2004, 12:49am

        Long time no update, PotD is almost done, a couple more weeks before it goes to the printers. So here's a sneak peak of the cover: cover line art. The real thing will hopefully be colored, and of course, have the title on it. Well, until the release... enjoy!

April 25, 2004, 11:37am

        I figured it's about time for some new fan art. So here's some Agharta fan art!! A pic of Ursala and Rael which i sketched up yesturday at Farthest Spoon Festival (good times)! If you don't know what Agharta is, it's a cooly manga with awesomemost art by Takahal Matsumoto. You can check out some english scanlations at love hina party.

April 20, 2004, 3:20pm

        Hey, anybody else see the link in my guestbook today? This is the first time someone I have no previous connections with has signed my guestbook, not to mention the first time from someone across waters. His site is german, but if that doesn't bother you go check out his link! It's got some cool art and stuff there! If you ever come back to my site again (and can read english), thanks Roland!

April 17, 1:29 am

        mmmmnn... Been a while, heh? Prolly won't be many updates until the first ish of POTD is finished (june).
       I narrowed down my feelings and redid the mission statement. It's quite a bit more personal now, which means it'll make less sense to you the viewer... oh well.

March 15, 2004

        It's my birthday today... Sign the effen guestbook.

March 4, 2004, 2:05pm

        Peregrination of the Deliverer has a webpage up. Go check it out in the "comiks" section!

February 21, 2004, 5:04pm

        Hey, I spelt february right this time... New series in the concept section... it's in the "comiks" section, go looky!

Feburary 9, 2004, 5:50pm

        Yup. We have a mission statement now. Go click if ya wanna see.

Feburary 8, 2004, 10:17pm

        Since I won't be able to finish the "shi" sampler for a while, here is what i did get done:
.T.H.E. .S.A.V.I.O.R. sampler
Freedom sampler

        Content warning for gory violence and language. The Savior sampler isn't supposed to make sense without the first part of the story, so sorry bout that..but it's a sample! Also, I only have bandwidth for 5 megs an hour, so i recommend a download manager with a resume feature, and if you get cut off, just try again in an hour.

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