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Random Acts of Insanity - a WebComic by Figaro

Random Acts of Insanity - a Webcomic by Figaro Welcome to my comic site! My name is Daniel, AKA Figaro. This is a daily webcomic that uses "sprites", the same kind of sprite used in the various games made for Super Nintendo. (If you'd like to know more about sprites or the comic you can contact me on AIM at Figaro Mage, or on MSN Messenger at The current running series is the "Kerri and Fig" series featuring myself and my co-author, Kerri. Enjoy!

Today's Update: 7/5/02 - Wow. I've been away for a while. But here's something fresh for you.
6/17/02 - A flash movie, a really sucky one, too! Click Here!
6/11/02 - After a couple days of no updates, I got up a new comic. Its a bit of a break from the Kerri and Fig comics, and in all honesty, it's part of a report on the Cold War I did. Enjoy!
6/8/02 - Added Kerri and Fig #22. Almost up to 50 comics!
6/7/02 - Total site remake! Enjoy! The comics are accessible through the archive, and the day's comic will appear on the homepage (Namely this one)! I've added a "Character Theme" page, and so far I've got my theme up. I also got 2 subcomics! Spoofino! by Drium, and And All That Jazz by Tachikawa Fujita! Check it out!
6/5/02 - Added Kerri and Fig #20.
6/4/02 - Added Kerri and Fig #18 and #19. Also put up an archives page. Now if you want to read a specific comic, just click! Also added Lauren's spritesheet to the sprite page. One more thing: A new site design! Special thanks to for the background, cursor, and scrollbar design. Hopefully I'll make one of my own soon! ;)
6/3/02 - Added Kerri and Fig #16 and #17.
6/2/02 - Added 2 new comics to the Kerri and Fig series. Redid the layout. Slideshows!

Bob and George, a daily sprite comic by Dave Anez. Check this out!
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