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Teri S. Wood's critically acclaimed Comic Book Series is now on CD! Whoo hoo! With lots of other fun stuff, ta boot! For a fraction of the price that the series would cost you in paper!

(Scroll down to Preview the First Four Issues Free!!!)


The Entire Black & White, 21 Issue Series of Wandering Star. Digitally retouched in easy reading PDF form. The individual comics alone would cost you approximately $50 in a comic shop!!

All of the original editorials and photo stories that came with the individual issues, which were missing in the collected Trade Paperbacks.

Both of the pre-publication, small press Wandering Stars from the '80s. The paper copies of these issues are quite rare -- Issue 2 saw only 50 printed copies!!

Digitally colored clip art from the series, two computer wallpapers, and three gif animations.

An Introduction which includes thirteen pages of my original notes and character sketches for the creation of Wandering Star.

Only $11 (sorry... we had to raise the price $1) plus $3.50 for priority shipping in the United States and Canada.

You can now pay with Pay Pal.

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Overseas Button:

If you are ordering from outside the United States/Canada please click the button below. It will add the overseas shipping charge. ($3.00) Please be certain to only push the overseas button once per total order -- not per item. For instance... If you order 2 items you only need to add the overseas shipping charge once for both items.

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If you pay by check or MO please make them payable to "Teri S. Wood" and address envelope to:

Pen&Ink Comics, PO Box 404, Forks, WA 98331

And please include your email addy, so I can send you a confirmation once I receive your order! Thanks!

Yes, Folks,

Ya heard that right! Click the lovely link to the left and download the first four issues for FREE! Yes, FREE!

Resolution quality is less than what is on the CD, but hey, they're still purty as heck. Heh.

Go ahead, read'em. And decide for yourself if ya wanna buy the CD.


And Thanks Fer Stopping By!

Ya'll Come Back, Ya Hear?

Teri S. Wood