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The many aspects of Norman Osborn....

Okay, here is the new section of the site. Thanks to Blackwidow64, I have something else to do this weekend, lol! Honestly, I was beginning to run out of ideas for this place.

I hate seeing "under construction" pages on sites, so if I sound like a hypocrite...LOL! I just put this up for now, until I get the essays typed up. It'll slowly build during the day, I hope (when I can get off the phones, that is. Aren't I a nut, working six days a week?! LOL).

Norman and Peter = I'll "try" to explain my take on this bizzare relationship. I say bizzare because when they're out of costume, they are practically friends (or is it more than that?).

The Goblin and the Spider = Why DID the Goblin want Spider-Man as his partner in crime?

Here are some topics I may cover in the future. If you have any comments, suggestions... please tell me. ^_~

Why I like the movie version of Gobby better = heh, this is self explanatory... but I'll post it anyway.

The meaning behind the Goblin's costume and mask = I think there are a lot of cultural/mythical meanings as to why the Goblin chose his particular "look" (this might be more like a list of reasons than an essay, but still...)

Why DOES Norman keep all those masks around? = Why? Is he obsessed with the dark side of the human psyche? Does he just like looking at them? I don't know. LOL! But I'm going to try and explain why I think he does...*crosses fingers*

Ugh, I can't think of anymore ideas right now. My brain's on vacation...

That's a given....*smirk*

*glare* Give me a break.. it's Saturday...

Oh, that's a reasonable excuse...*rolls eyes*

Why are you here, anyway?! This is MY space! My opinion page, so to speak! You have the rest of the site to yourself! Why don't you just go away?

*glares back* Say that again...

*nervously* Uh...heh heh! What? What'd I say?

Don't insult my intelligence! You know exactly what you said! No one orders me around, missy!

*gulp* Oh crud... ACK!

((a few minutes later))

Heh.. well, I guess I'm taking over now. *evil smirk* Send all inquiries (and your money) to me. Heh heh...

*with her arm in a sling* That's not even a real email addy!

You want me to gag you?

.....*wince* No...?

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