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Mr.T vs. Ghostbusters

The Ghostbusters head out to rescue the streets of New York from the ghost attack.

Gozers Two dogs protect her from the Ghostbusters.

Ray: Gozer the Gozerian we are the Ghostbusters and if you do not go to the next conveniate dimension we will have to take you down.

Gozer: Are you a God?

Ray: Ahh No.

Gozer: Then DIE!!!

Winston: Were going about this all wrong!

Egon: What should we do?

Winston: We should just step aside and call Mr.T.

Peter: He's right Mr.T has stopped about 259 other things so he mind as well stop Gozer, the two mutts, and Stay Puff.

The Ghostbusters call Mr.T

Mr.T: Gozer and Stay Puff foos! I be in New York in a flash my van is helluva fast!!

It is on now!!