WATCHMEN Profile Inventory (WPI)

Which WATCHMEN Superhero Are You?

The Watchmen Profile Inventory (WPI) is a personality test that has been adopted by law enforcement recruiters and trainers in Elgin, Illinois, after extensive research and testing at the University of Chicago. It is considered to be the most accurate measure of the integrity, psychological stability, and character strength of future police officers. The WPI provides indicators of an individual's ability to cope with the complexities and risks of everyday law enforcement. The general consensus among psychologists is that personality profiling--as tested on the WPI--is the most reliable predictor of an individual's professional performance.

Although the issue of any kind of "profilng" is highly controversial, other local, state, and federal agencies are closely observing the testing and results of Elgin's WPI profiling as a possible tool in assessing their candidates in light of increasing domestic and international threats the United States now faces.

The WPI itself consists of 25 questions that the participant is allowed 2 minutes to complete. While the WPI is not a pass/fail assessment, the numerical scoring is a direct correlate to key character traits for those facing the hazards and pressure situations involved in police activities.

For the best results in finding your "superheroic" personality, do not read over all the questions before you begin. Read each question one at a time. Answer from the drop-down choices as quickly as you can and be spontaneous. You can immediately score yourself and find out just what kind of superhero you really are!

  1. Are you tall or short?
  2. Which of the following best describes how you feel around people you think are much different from you?
  3. Who do you think is the better president?
  4. Which statement best captures your point of view?
  5. "Women are underpaid and underappreciated."
  6. Which statement best captures your point of view?
  7. FILL IN THE BLANK: "Drug use is _________ ."
  8. What kind of person do you find most appealing?
  9. FILL IN THE BLANK: "Humankind is essentially _________ ."
10. Which statement best captures your point of view?

Click on your WPI Score below to reveal your costumed alter ego.

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