The Alan Moore Portal seeks

your perspicacity,

your creativity....

Alan Moore's prolific comics "multiverse" inspires and entertains its readers...
even those readers who generally avoid comic books.

It is because of this that the Alan Moore Portal exists.

However... the Portal doesn't exist as a stand-alone fan site.

The Portal is intended to be a website for all enthusiasts who enjoy Moore's masterworks like

So, if you've given some critical thought to any of these books or if you've been inspired by these books,
we here at the Portal would really enjoy hearing from you.

Essays, stories, images--
whatever you've done that you'd like to share and have featured at this site is warmly welcomed.

Submissions approved by the webmaster will be given full individual credit
and will help to make the Portal truly a "door" opening into the complete Alan Moore fan experience.

Cross the threshold... and submit today, using the email link below: