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Marvel Comics Group 1939-1980

(including Timely, Red Circle and Atlas titles)

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Fantastic Four #1

Amazing Adult Fantasy #7

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Major contributors to this site have been Thomas Lammers, Joe Marek and Randall Barlow.
Also thanks to Nick Caputo. Micro-Heroes by Robert Bradley unless otherwise noted.

Latest Additions / Corrections: Okay, I know I'm behind on my updates. I'll get to 'em sometime in my lifetime, I promise. ... Forthcoming: Nick Caputo's corrections to the cover credits; Randall Barlow's research into "The Hammer Strikes"; indeces for Rawhide Kid and Millie the Model; the X-Men Phenomenon pages. And I think I have several of Robert Bradley's Micro-Heroes to add to the site too. -- Joe M.

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