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Read before you read

Hello, I just wanted to make sure everyone knows the contents of this page and that you can't say I didn't warn you... While Laundry isnt a raunchy adult comic for mature audiences only, it does contain some swearing, references to adult themes, inuendo, soap bubbles, and shonen-ai (boy-boy)... My artwork also contains much shonen-ai (I'm a girl, I can't help it!) Anyway... if any of this offends you, you might consider leaving this page. This is a comic influenced heavily by Japanese manga and anime. In Japan, as in many other socially advanced cultures, these themes are more acceptable and among the hetero female crowd, encouraged. So, please don't send me hate mail telling me where my soul is going (I'm a Taoist... I don't believe in hell anyway) or that I "warped" some random child's mind with my cute, harmless realistic comic. Thanks for your time... ENJOY!!! Stop the Hate!