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The story behind the madness 

Laundry is a comic about a boy named Floortile.
He's your average highschool student in your average 
urbanite town... 
Except that every time he gets nervous 
around a girl, soap bubbles 
mysteriously emit from his mouth. 
Already shy with females, his new 
comical plight leaves him in a state 
beyond embarassment, clamping his 
mouth shut to avoid being revealed and
What is the self-conscious youth to do? 

In times of crisis, he relies on his
loyal best friend, Pineapple. Pineapple
refuses to let his fragile companion
be daunted by the inexplicable stroke
of slight misfortune and is determined
to help FT rid himself of his inner

I am bree-chan, author of Laundry. I started this comic simply because I love to draw and figured my friends might get a kick out of the storyline and manga-style art. I never originally intended an online comic, but my tomodachi, Ami-kun talked me into it. And so, with much of Ami's aid, I have put up the comic and its accompanying art for anyone to view, hoping that people dig my strange ideas and even stranger sense of humor. Enjoy, and let me know what you think by signing the Laundry logbook! Ja! ----bree