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Pant and Pave

This is Bree's rant page. Dont ask me why I've added this, but most fangirls have rants or blogs so I decided to add mine so that I could spew my wierdness and maybe someone will find it amusing. So, on with my mindless banter!
3*23 Bitchy

*sigh* i feel bitchy so I decided to rant... lately, I feel so shitty from the people I thought were friends, that I wanna scream. What is it about some people who think nothing of tossing others aside like bandaids, as soon as theyve served their function? I try to make the people around me happy, but sometimes I feel that not many of them give a shit whether I am... usually i just need to see em happy to get that good feeling, but its hard when they basically tell you to fuck off for no reason. or, they wont say it but they make u feel like u should fuck off cus ure in the way... *sigh* why do I bother? It's getting harder and harder to keep people around... I guess theres only so far u can go to meet someone halfway... once you've gone 80% of the distance, it might be time to reevaluate... i dunno, im a taoist, things should be simpler...... 11*11 Anime, DDR, Yaoi, Pocky Bree's first rant! The title above describes my weekend thus far. After countless weeks of work (high school sucks) with no apparent light at the end of the tunnel, Otaku no Shuukai, a party planned months ahead by Ami-kun and I, finally came. The party was a 21+hr fest of anime, video games, manga, food, and even karaoke! It was so much fun and it went so fast I'm sad. However, I hadn't had such a good time in a while. It was very interesting trying to fit close to 20 people in an area with a max occupancy of somewhere around 10 people... tops. But it was great, and I think people had fun and got to experience new things and meet new otaku. Well, I'm a newbie to this rant thing and im not sure what to say, so I'll stop here... um, why am I ranting again? ---bree 11*19*01 Rant: Um ill begin with a good thing! Ami-kun got her liscence today! woohoo congrats ami! Now heres the rant. ummm... im not very good at ranting. All i know is that ive sent people to my website and theyve subsequently have either stopped talking to me or acted wierd around me... I dont get it... people are so wigged out by such piddling things. Honestly! America can be rather backwards at times...They allow freedom of speech and shit to hate mongers like the KKK, saying they have every right to spew their venomous hate... but we have to censor everything on the tele that has even the slightest hint of gayness! I think its cute when two boys like each other and god its so pathetic that this country is so homophobic that it has to change even the sexes of characters who are involved in anime if theyre gay. Its crazy. We can show blood and gore and violence and rape (heterosexual rape) and hate and evil but god we cant show the positive stuff just cuz some religious fundamentalists think its wrong... *sigh* this is all a result of some idiot trying to convert me recently and being very rude and insulting everything that i stand for and everything im into... sheesh... people!