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Inside my head

Gosh, what brought you here? Wanna know stuff about me? If you wanna contact bree, email bree! That's scary, but heres some stats and stuff. Name: Bree Birthday: April 8 Sign: Aries Blood Type: A Philosophy: Somewhere between taoism and hedonism :) Fav color: red or blue, pink, purple Fav food: sweedish fish, rice, miso soup, mango ic mocchi Likes: manga, anime, bishounen, drawing, shounen-ai/yaoi Dislikes: intolerance, fighting Hi, I'm the creator of this comic and webpage. Yes, I'm pretty strange, if you haven't noticed. For one, I'm a huuuuuuuuge anime/manga geek. I breathe manga. I am also a huge shounen-ai/yaoi fan (its just so cute). I plan to be a comic illustrator and find myself living in Japan after college. *a girl can dream* Drawing is the only thing I can do (Im really useless otherwise). Some of my fav anime/manga include: Weiss Kreuz Yami no Matsuei Gravitation Card Captor Sakura anything cute by naduki koujima " bree eats so much sugar that her blood is carmalized"--- friend kat "You are possibly the most fucked up person i know" --- best friend paul If you want to hear um that ranting stuff... you may view my babbling blog or whatever on my rant page. Ill include more on this page later. For now, I will put some gratuitous pics of bishounen. Stop the Hate!