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Web Comics

Catnip for humans, my friend Ami-kun's 
comedy anime-style comic about the 
havoc caused by a cat-bishounen! 
Ko is sooooooo cute!

NERD Comics is my and ami's comic group. more of my work found here! Wonderful art style and adorable bish! O and the plot's cute too! Check out Tori-kat's Jamais de la Vie, a super nifty web comic. The art on Chibi Ying's site is totally amazing! She's awesome and runs two web manga... Go! read them! The shounen-ai manga is so wonderful I can't properly convey... just go damnit JS is a great site with an awesome shounen-ai manga and absolutely stunning art! Hot boys too! check it out! This comic is breathtakingly well done and beautiful. The story line is quite twisted and its very shounen ai ish. The art is supernifty I love it much! Lucid fragment is another site with beautiful art and a super groovy shounen ai manga called slanted minds! Its really worth your checking out... it wouldnt be here if it wasnt too cool not to be! Mega Tokyo is a really amusing anime style web comic that's updated frequently. Go! Cute! This is an adorable and hilarious lil comic with a bish named Harley, two bishi bandmates and an unfortunately hairy guy (but ignore him and just watch the other three cuties! Its really funny!
Cute new manga by M-chan about strange and supernatural happenings right under your nose. Got a cutey named Lucas. Also features her groovaliscious artwork, too. Shounen This site contains a sort-of-web comic story with very pretty artwork and of course, shounen-ai. There are fics and art bits here too and many yaoi related links. Weiss Kreuz Links One of my fav sites for weiss images and stuff! It's got beautiful fanart! Great character info and explains the series. Contains some spoilers.
 Aya no Weib Kreuz Corner 
This site is really groovy
and the fanart is incredible.
Lots of info here too.
Much ado about Aya

Fan Sub Pages

Muraki Fansubs  
This is a great Fansub site...
I got tons of Weiss tapes here
and its got many other series...

Doujinshi Resources

 Happy Otaku Home 
This one contains adult,
yaoi, etc. Doujinshi mostly,
but does have tons of non 
 yaoi/adult doujinshi.
Lots of Weiss and Gundam and 

 General Anime Stuff 

 Bishounen Underground  
For lovers of Bishounen, 
Yaoii, Shounen-ai, and 
anything anime boy

They have a lot of merchandise
stuff. I have yet to use them,
but they've got Tarepanda!!!

K Books!
This is the site for one of
the coolest manga/toy stores in 
Tokyo that I visited. The site
is in Japanese, but use Altavista
translator to read it. I hear they
are opening some in America...


Yahoo killed its webrings or something
so I lost most of the few of which I had
been a part...*sigh* Oh well, maybe people
will spread the word anyway...
Bishounen web ring! *drool*
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