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Fan Art

The expressions of others

Yes, I have fan art... well a little fan art anyway. I just started this site and infinite thanks to Ami-kun and her friend Tara (T-chan) for my first bits of fan art!
click to enlarge Ami-kun, fellow otaku and manga artist who has been working with me since the first time I drew up doodles of FT and Pineapple, gave me this adorable bit of shonen-ai (my fav) artwork featuring the two boys. I love this pic! Sugoi kawaii, ne? She's as into anime boys as me (if not more) and tells me Pineapple is kawaii. Thanks! Visit her super cool web comic Ami showed my comic (in its original paper form) to a very close friend of hers who is also otaku. T-chan (Tara) apparently dug it and offered this kirei pic of Minty in her Sailor fuku with her cat, Skittles. Minty looks so sweet here! Very cool, Thanks! I got this from a fellow manga artist, Torikat, who found my page via anime web turnpike and decided to grace me with a fan pic! Its so cool and CG!!! NEAT!!! Her comic is really cute and cute and *cuuuute!* its got young schoolboy bishies! You must go! This is another one done by T-chan! It's rather amusing, and give bree ideas for a cover! heh T-chan also does fanart for Catnip, so go there and check it out! Thanks again non-codfish T-chan! Another from Jamais de la Vie's Torikat! This one is so preeeeeeeeetty!! However, bree has not shown FT's other eye ever... more on that later. Thanks Torichan! Ur art kicks! This isnt really fanart but its a gift! A gift on 1000 hits! Super Kawaii Chibi Cloud with Ketchup! Its from my friend Ami-kun! Thanks Ami! Everyone Go visit Catnip! Hey, if you like Laundry and want to do some fan art, Mail me! I love seeing others' artwork!