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The main faces of Laundry

Floortile Birthdate: February 26 Sign: Pisces Blood type: A Fav color: blue Fav food: oranges Likes: normality Dislikes: teasing Floortile is very self conscious and usually nervous, but is kind and good-hearted. He sometimes has a hard time saying what's on his mind and trips up on his words. He discovers one day, when he tries to find the words to ask out a girl he likes, that for some mysterious reason, bubbles come out of his mouth when he is nervous around girls. This makes his shyness and fear of talking to girls even worse. He tends to see things worse than they are and is pessimistic. Often, he seems preoccupied with the effect his bubble quirk has on his love life. He admires Pineapple for his assertiveness, as he is often at a loss for words and is slow to trust. FT is not always sure what he wants, but enjoys the company of friends. He is some-what empathetic and worries about others, although he has trouble speaking his mind. Pineapple Birthdate: April 10 Sign: Aries Blood type: AB Fav color: red Fav food: peanut-butter Likes: comradery, his friends Dislikes: ignorance and being alone Pineapple is FT's best friend in every sense of the word. He is loyal to the end, devoting much of his time and efforts to helping Floortile survive his strange plight. He believes that anyone who messes with one of his friends messes with him. Apple-kun is somewhat hot-headed has no patience for ignorance and intolerance, which gets him into a lot of fights. He likes to tease FT a lot and often seems indestructable...or so he'd like to think. When he gets upset, he prefers to keep his feelings to himself as he does not want to burdon others and would rather allow others to rely on him. He sees his own problems as personal weaknesses that hed prefer to keep to himself. Like FT, he has romantic issues, but seldom allows himself to worry over them. His taste in boys is somewhat enigmatic, as he keeps his regular life and sex life seperate. He finds it amusing that girls tend to flock to him, despite his lack of interest in females. Minty Birthdate: June 9 Sign: Gemini Blood type: B Fav color: pink Fav food: skittles Likes: her cat Dislikes: mean people Minty is strange, but sweet. Keenly fearful of angering others, she tries to be polite and respectful. However, she has a hard time controlling her emotions and tends to cry a lot. She lives in her own little fantasy world and is obsessed with Sailor Moon. Her fascination with the series has led her to fantasize constantly that her own black cat (skittles) can talk. She brings her cat everywhere she goes (even to school!) She loves anime and even has a few sailor fuku uniforms from Japan that she wears from time to to time. Deep down, she knows what's real and what's not, but enjoys daydreaming. Although harmless, sociable and very nice, people often find her strange and can be a little wary of her. FT was pretty frightened by her antics when he first met her. Pineapple thinks she's a trip and keeps trying to hook her up with his slightly unreceptive best friend. For some reason, FT doesn't get the bubbles around her, despite the fact that he finds her kind of cute and slowly gets over his initial uneasiness around her. Grey Birthdate: December 4 Sign: Sagitarius Blood type: B Fav color: silver Fav food: plain rice Likes: Dislikes: So far, Grey is a boy that used to go to school with FT and Apple-kun. As kids, they hung out a lot and were a close trio. Pineapple develops a weird crush on him in his early teenage years, but never says anything. After they finally kiss, Grey moves away without telling anyone. He returns four years later to the school and meets up with his old friends. However, he is very different. Grey has become somewhat shy and fearful of others, choosing to talk very little. Why has he changed so much? (more on Grey later) Mop Birthdate: July 7 Sign: Cancer Blood type: O Fav color: taupe Fav food: French fries Likes: Pineapple Dislikes: The word "no' Mop is pretty popular ("and completely out of her mind"---Pineapple). She initially asks Floortile on a date, thinking he's shy and cute. However, when she meets Pine- apple, she falls madly in love with him. Even when he (not so calmly) explains to her that they'd never work as a couple, she continues to persue him. She believes he is destined to be her one true love and soul mate. She scares him. Mop is not the kind to take no for an answer and fancies herself as a girl who takes charge. Originally, she was going to be a one-shot character, but I de- cided to bring her back *as you will see* to add some spice (and psychosis). More on Mop later. Scooter Birthdate: Dec 16 Sign: Sagitarius Blood type: A Fav color: burgundy Fav food: caviar Likes: the finer things, pretty girls, art, literature, etc. Dislikes: boring, uninteresting people Scooter comes onto the scene when FT is ignoring Minty and she feels lonely. He quickly sweeps her off her feet and sparks a bit of jealousy in the previously uninterested FT. Scooter is one of those guys who is annoyingly perfect. He has good looks, money, taste, intelligence, strength, etc, and that bugs FT, who feels he cant compete, to no end. Pineapple finds it amusing that it took another guy to rally his friend. Minty thinks Scooter, who is sweet and nice and even recites Shakespear, is the greatest guy ever. More on Scooter as the story unfolds. More characters will be added to the file sheet as I post their appearances in the manga itself.