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Ultimate X-Men #4

By Toad764

Cyclops tells Storm that they didn't read the last message correctly, he asks if Beast is really dead. She tells him that Beast isn't moving nor breathing. Than a group of Croat snipers open fire on them. Cyclops's gets shot in the chest. Iceman starts freaking out. Cyclops's tells him to stay cool (he was shot in the pack on his chest) and blasts the car to smithereens! Colossus runs over to Storm and Beasts aid and protects hem from the bullets. Storm is trying to help but she can't because she because she's in so much stress. She then realizes that Xavier was ready to sacrifice all seven for the president's daughter.

All of a sudden a train flies through the air and crashes into the ground. Magneto and his Brotherhood arrive. Cyclops's tells him to back off but Magneto tells him that he means no harm. Magneto tells him that they made a mistake stopping him. He says the simple kidnap plot would have ended the reign of the sentinels. The Brotherhood starts to dig Beast out of the debris. They load Beast on a truck and tell the X-Men to lave before any more trouble comes. The Scarlet Witch asks Magneto why it's taking Wolverine so long to kill Xavier. Magneto says there's nothing to worry about. He tells her he was looking forward to killing Xavier, and that holding off a kill means he just wants to get in bed with a girl first.

Institute: Jean gives Beast some antibiotics while the rest of the members watch. Cyclops's tells everyone he called Beast mom but she wouldn't even answer the phone. Wolverine walks in to see if Beast is fine. She says he is and they found a new kind of transplant surgery. She tells him it's still has to be okayed for human use but it worked extremely well with the animals. She said it has no side affects except for the antibiotics caused a group of monkey's fur to turn blue. She says that happens with less than one percent of the cases. They leave the room and walk in the garden. Wolverine asks when Beast will be on his feet. She says in a few weeks and that Cyclops's is taking this hard. Wolverine asks if he's still blaming himself for all of this. She tells him yep and that he's beginning to be like a first class idiot. Wolverine asks, "How do you feel?" She tells him she's happy that the Professor says that the Sentinel project will be suspended in 60- 90 minutes. He asks how does she feel about him. She tells him she wished they never met him. He asks why she finds him so attractive. She doesn't know and they kiss (deeply!). From a window Cyclops is watching. Wolverine looks up and sees Cyclops's and smiles.

Viewing room: Cyclops's walks in with a backpack. Xavier asks if he's leaving and Cyclops's says yes. Cyclops says Xavier's plan is going no where. Xavier says he just made a summit about the sentinels. Cyclops doesn't care and says he's leaving. Xavier tells him he can't because the other students look up to him. Cyclops's tells him he wants revenge. Xavier begins to mess with Cyclops's mind. He asks Xavier what he's doing. He says he's releasing pleasant hormones. Cyclops's eventually leaves the room. Meanwhile, Beast wakes up and looks in a mirror. He's in shock because his hair is blue.

Savage Land: The blackbird arrives and Cyclops walks out. Magneto and his Brotherhood look as Cyclops's says he's interested in joining. Magneto walks up to him and says, "Welcome to the Savage Land, brother Cyclops."


Comments: Well, as suspected Beast is okay. I mean, like they'd kill off a main character in the fourth comic! Maybe Magneto isn't so bad after helping Beast get to safety. I doubt it. I was shocked to see it was Cyclops who left! I thought it would be Storm or Iceman! The plot has turned from focusing on Wolverine to Cyclops. Now personally I HATE CYCLOPS! Which is okay since Return to Weapon X will star Wolverine. Now, normally I'd give it like a one since Cyclops's is the star but I have to be fair so I'd give it a three and a half. It was a good comic.