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Ice Princess' Castle

Welcome to my little corner of web space! Right now there's just a few pieces of fanfic, some artwork I've done and some other miscellaneous stuff that catches my attention. Have any questions, comments, observations? Drop me a line over at

I removed all of the Claws, Clicks and -poofs- info on this site, but click on the pic below and visit the new home for all of Yezra's and my stories!

What's New:

Updated 11/23: added X-Day 2003 banner, added picture of Emma in the X-Men Fanart page of the artwork section.

Updated 10/3: Added Sesshomaru and Inuyasha pictures to the Inuyasha fanart page of the artwork section.

Updated 10/2: Added an Inuyasha fanart page to the artwork section, posted a picture of Sesshomaru.

Updated 8/20: Added three new pictures to the Drawing/Painting classes section of scribble page. Updated Links.

Updated 8/1: Added Shore Leave to fanfic section.

7/12/03: Happy 1st Birthday to the site!

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Disclaimer: Any images and/or quotes pertaining to X-Men and Marvel are copyright© Marvel. I do not mean to infringe opon their artistic rights, I'm only a lil' ole fan.
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