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Questions Answered On What's the Deal With Jack Sparrow? The Following Questions Are Answered!


***February 4, 2004

Johnny Depp, Best Actor nominee for "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl"

***Janurary 28, 2004***

The Fans Have Spoken: 11th People's Choice Award for Favorite Motion Picture Actress."Pirates of the Caribbean" (Favorite Motion Picture).

2004 Golden Globe Nominations Sunday, Jan 25, 2004 Best Actor, Musical or Comedy: Johnny Depp,Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

So what do I think of Bill Murrey having won instead of Johnny Depp? "Oh CRAP!"!/:[ November 26

The December 1, 2003 issue of People magazine has voted JONNY DEPP Most sexy Man of 2003! Depp said, "Life's pretty good, and why wouldn't it be? I'm a pirate, after all."

***October 22 ***

Entertainment Tonight reported Monday that Pirates II and III will began filiming back to back soon!

The Pirates of the Caribbean Now On DVD! Source: Buena Vista Home Entertainment

Bueana Vista Home Entertainment released Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl on a 2-disc DVD December 2. The set includes 3 audio commentaries (director Gore Verbinski and star Johnny Depp; producer Jerry Bruckheimer and stars Keira Knightley and Jack Davenport; writers Stuart Beattie, Ted Elliot & Terry Rossio and Jay Wolpert), "An Epic At Sea: The Making of Pirates of the Caribbean", deleted scenes, the "Moonlight" scene progression, image gallery, blooper reel, "Below Deck: An Interactive History Of Pirates", and more.

Aug 18th

A few have commented that they are actually 'leary' of a part II to Pirates. But why? the article I quote on my Jack page explains how Johnny Depp and Jeff Rush have actually discussed an intire background story to each of their characters. Infact, they spoke of wanting to use these ideas in this current movie..but they had not the this might be worked in the next? Also can you imagine if there was never an Empire Strikes Back or Return of The Jedi to SW a New Hope? We would have never learned that Vader was Luke's father!:)

***Aug 18th***

The Guestbook will also be used as a message board! So you can post your views there or read others!

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August 5***Outstanding Photo Gallary on Jack Sparrow From The Johnny Depp Zone!

*** August 1, 2003*** What Actress Should Play Jack's Girl In The next Movie?...Scroll Down Below!***


The idea of this page is to discribe the character of Jack Sparrow as Jerry Bruckheimer and Johnny Depp have created him and to explain the character from 'their' point of view..instead of adding alot of fictional speculation. Our aim to is to stay true to Johnny Depp and Bruckheimer vision without altering 'their' vision of the character in any way.

Special THANKS to FRAN! For guilding me to the great interview source of The Blunt Review! Thanks for helping me create this page!:)

In the August 2003 Issue of GQ Magazine pages# 157 - 158 Johnny Depp explains his character Jack Sparrow and why he made him so offbeat, saying, "I thought, How can I find a pirate that hasn't been done or seen before? The first thing I thought of was heat. I'd go in the sauna for 30 minutes, 200 degrees - basically cook myself- and the body language came out. I was also reading alot of pirate books at the time and these guys were absolutely without question the rock stars of that era. So I thought, Who's the greatest rock'n' roll star? Keith Richards.

So I went in that direction and then got a couple of other ideas, like Pepe Le Pew was also a character that I thought would work. There's something about Pepe Le Pew that I always thought was really beautiful. The idea of this guy who absolutely had blinders on to reality, and just believed what he thought. He was always very, very happy. He was always really in a good mood no matter what was going on around him. No matter what the reality of the situation was; he always saw it his way; absolutely his way. Every episode, he was falling in love with this one cat and the cat just despised him, absolutely hated him and he always interpreted it as, 'Oh, she's playing hard to get, she's shy,' or something like that, and so, I don't know.

I thought that it worked for the character. I always thought Pepe Le Pew was really interesting. I also kind of thought of Jack Sparrow as a sort of a constantly moving organism who would shape himself to whatever situation, however he needed to be shaped, he would mold himself into that; this organism with a perpetual martini glass.

And A Bit Of Dean Martin

From The Blunt Review:

Johnny Depp sets The Record Straight On His Friend Keith Richards

Emily: I'm a HUGE Keith Richards fan and I am curious as to how you came up with Keith Richards as your inspiration for Capt. Jack Sparrow?

Johnny: I thought of Keith because I was trying to figure out what pirates might have been like, their lifestyle back in the 18th century, and I thought, oh man, they were the rock and roll stars of the era. On the road to some degree, freedom, adventure, women, outlaw behavior, all of that stuff. And you see the greatest rock and roll star of all time, there are so many options, but to me it's Keith Richards hands down.

Emily: Yeah, Sparrow's swager had that Dean Martin-ish look. Like Jack, underneath the swagger, Keith Richards is also a very intelligent man.

Johnny: Oh yeah. Part of it was that Keith was the sage, the wise, unbelievably smart guy. It's kind of like Hunter Thompson, who is a brilliant writer and a great man, I've seen it happen where people, because they look at Hunter and they think he's out of it, so they just assume that he's just burnt and he's not lucid, and they've been kind of disrespectful in a very round about way, and Hunter being incredibly smart, he'll pin-point, and I've see him just level them verbally, just decimate them, and I think Keith is similar.

Yeah, people just assume Keith Richards - oh yeah, the junkie years in the '70s, and he's out of it and all the stuff, but no, no, no, he's one of the most well read, brilliant people I've ever come into contact with. He knows everything about everything - a history buff, history to the letter. It wasn't an imitation of Keith or anything like that.

It was just like a salute to him, and beyond the fact that I think that he's the greatest rock and roll star of all times, I also think that he's an incredibly interesting man beyond the rock and roll, beyond The Stones. He's unbelievably wise. He's really a wise man, a sage, a Buddha or something.

Johnny Depp & Jack Sparrow - Both Outsiders

Emily: You've got this character that's living on the outside. In that sense you two [Johnny Depp and Jack Sparrow] are alike - I mean because you revel living on the outside.

Johnny: I've always been interested inů I guess fringe may be a way of putting it. The people that I've always admired in whatever the arena, whether it's art or film, whatever, music, have always been the people who came in from the outside, who didn't just - I prefer Daniel Johnston to Mariah Carey.

Emily: With Daniel Johnston, he puts let's say - to be nice - more of his personality in his work versus Mariah Carey.

Johnny: [laughter] That's so foreign to me [Mariah Carey] that I - [laughter]

Johnny: Growing up I definitely never felt like an insider - ever. The way I live my life today is pretty consistent of the way I lived it back then, I just wanted to do whatever I wanted to do. I remember being 13, 14 years old, and just skipping certain classes and sneaking into the guitar room, and hiding out and playing in the music room.

There were times where I remember being really, really well liked around, um, 12 years old, it was 1974 or 1975, something like that, long hair, certainly not one of the jock kids or anything like that, and I fell madly in love with the most popular cheerleader in the school. And it was like this - it was beyond Romeo and Juliet. I was like, 'This is never going to work. The formula doesn't exist.' And then coming to terms with that.

So he was the inspiration for Jack." The Blunt Review says:

Emily: And you brought that intelligence through to Jack, bravo. There's a lot of comedy in Sparrow. Did you help create that, or was it all in the script?

Johnny: Those guys had written something so beautiful and such a great character, and what they had written was so inspiring that I couldn't help but to just spew - it would either come out on paper, I would write it all down and run it by them to make sure they were okay with it, most of the time they were great about it, they were fine with it. Either that or it would just happen during a scene, which I prefer. It's always better to just be in the situation and burn it all out. Let it go.

Emily: What was your input on the Jack Sparrow look? On the hair, on the braided beard etc.?

Johnny: That all happened in one day. We were sitting around the make-up trailer, and I knew that I wanted to have the dreds, and I wanted a lot of things tied into my hair, like stuff that I'd picked up on voyages and what not, just tie it into my hair, kind of like Keith, because Keith has little coins and beads - I wanted all that stuff tied into my hair, and then the little braids and the little dingles. I wanted that."

Emily: The gold teeth. I heard when you showed up the 1st day they were ALL gold? True? Johnny: [laughter] No, not all of them, but quite a few. I sat down with Jerry [Bruckheimer] and a couple of other people, and I had two more gold teeth. One on the front there, and one I think over here, and they felt that the way it looked on film was a little too much, but there were other things. They wanted me to take off the dingles and they wanted me to calm things down and everything. So, I figured if that was my only compromise, taking out two gold teeth? After I took those two off, I added on over here. I never told them that.

Johnny Depp Likes Looking Like Jack Sparrow

Emily: So I'm sensing you kind of like the look.

Johnny: It's funny, because most of the time I do! I can remember going to Disneyland with my kids, with my daughter and we went into the princess store and I bought her a little princess dress kind of thing and the lady behind the counter, I smiled and said thank you or something, and she looked at me as if to say, 'I have a really good dentist.' She seemed so upset about my dental dilemma.

Johnny Depp On Capt.Barbossa's Deep Secret

Emily: You and Geoffrey Rush seemed to have a strong relationship that transcended the film. Did you talk about a "back story" for the characters?

Johnny: We did. We joked around about our back-story. Here he is, this fierce pirate, Barbossa, who at one time had been my first mate, and all of a sudden he's taken over my ship, and I thought the greatest secret that Barbossa would want hidden, I knew it. And I was going to actually add it into the film, but once you start getting into sword fights and things like that, you run out of time. I thought his greatest secret was that his first name was Hector.

Emily: How did he react when you told him?

Johnny: He laughed. I'd come up to set and he'd be standing there, and I'd say, 'Good morning, Hector.' [He laughs] It was really good.

Emily: Pirates of the Caribbean: Legend of the Black Pearl is truly incredible. Not only does Depp do what he does so well in character creation, but the film around him is simply spectacular! Get out and see this mates it's a classic!

***Read ONLY The Best & Most Raving Positive Movie Reviews On Pirates Here!***

Blunt Review. Interview by Emily Blunt.

Many people have asked, including those working at the studio at first, "Is Johnny Depp's character 'Jack' wearing mascara???!?" Some Have even sugested that he a Metro or maybe even more progressive, of Which I disagree with.

Well, Believe it or not it's actually NOT 'Mascara..Here IS The REAL Scoop from Blunt Review in Johnny Depp's own words:

"The kohl came from, you know how athletes where black here for reflection, I started thinking about the tribes of northern Africa, and the Berbers which they have been doing for thousands of years, using kohl under the eyes, which is medicinal in a way, and protects the eyes from sand and sun."


It was both Jerry Bruckheimer's, the producer of "pirates, as well as Johnny Depp's desire to make a different type of Disney film. By this, meaning to make an adventure show more on the level with Raiders and Star Wars instead of Marry Poppins. In much the same way with the Star Wars films, Jack character gives 'Pirates' a smart witty humor that adults as well as smart kids can appreciate. This is clearly stated in Jerry's own words as stated in the July 25 2003 article in Entertainment Weekly, as Jerry explains, "I wanted to send a message to the audiance that this was not your typical Disney movie."

Not that Disney movies have not always been 'fun' and 'wholesome'..They HAVE..but their live action films have NOT always been 'good', as the etertainment reporters have clearly pointed out with last year's terrible "Country Bears."

With Dreamworks cartoons such as 'Shrek' , which by the way, Depp LOVES, and Monsters Inc, and even Disney's Lilo & Stitch, Disney has been slowly steering more towards young hearted fims that even adults can love with smart and witty dialog instead of the old campy "Herbey The Love Bug" type stuff.

Of course they are still making these too, I mean just check out the clips for this new version of Freaky Friday. But one will note that unlike the new Freaky Friday, the big Walt Disney logo is not spashed across the screen on 'Pirates', and maybe this is why?

And Emily from The Blunt Review wrote:"Depp decided he'd tap into the ultimate in bad boy rock and roll legends for his latest character, pirate Capt. Jack Sparrow. Wildly inappropriate really considering it was for Disney Studios! Their first PG 13 film for families actually. But, Depp doesn't give a damn about Disney's glimmering and prudent history - he was hired to deliver, and deliver he does. Depp style. Dipping into the depths of his exquisite mind to discover his version of a pirate, buried beneath Hunter S. Thompson and several Edwards he found, Keith Richards as his inspiration."

"Emily: You really seemed like you had a ball on this film!

Johnny: It was almost like a crime to have so much fun.

Oh.. I almost forgot, I never answered the question those why those 3 pirates girls slapped Jack Sparrow's face....Please! This is a rated PG-13 movie! I won't tell!

Speaking of which... Which Actress Should Play Jack's Girl In The Next Pirates Movie?

UPDATE Aug 16th**

Well..went to Disneyland yesterday and we ate in the famous Pirates cafe! Great food in there by the way! Anyways, checked out the famous POTC gift shop called Pieces of 8, and no, they don't have ANY offical POTC movie shirts, posters of the like :(..But I did get a cool black POTC t-shirt that has the cross bones logo that looks somewhat like the one on the movie. If i can find a picture of it I will show it here soon. It's pretty cool. It kinda has a Harley Davidson Meets Surf look to it.

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