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UPDATE: January 19, 2005. For those who are wondering, HCR 5 is currently in the works. Release date is up in the air, so hang in there! I've also started to slowly update the site, so browse around.....

UPDATE: October 17th, 2004. The cool folks at Bud Plant Comic Art are selling complete sets of HCR (1 - 4) on their website and in their catalogue. Check them out at

UPDATE: August, FRIDAY THE 13TH!!! IT'S HERE! HCR #4 is now available! Finally! Order away!!!

UPDATE:March 4th. The website has been given a revamped look, hope you enjoy it!

UPDATE: February, Friday the 13th! : For those of you who can get the signal, Cincinnati WXIX (Fox 19) will be airing a tribute to the Cool Ghoul on Saturday the 14th at 6:30 PM & again @ MIDNIGHT. They're sending the Ghoul off to the other side in style, he'll be missed...

UPDATE: Feb 25. I want to thank my old buddy Alex for linking HCR up to his ultra-slick "Destroy All Monsters" website. DAM gets a LOT of hits. Any DAM traffic checking us out can see this is a newbie website, but we're working on it! Thanks for your interest in us! We are trying to prove to Diamond Comic Distributors that a fanzine can be successfully distributed w/o their corporate nationwide tentacles, so Alex agreed to aid me in this grass roots fandom movement.

The issue w/Diamond was that they wanted us to purchase minimum $375 in advertising on a 300 issue order to distribute us. Keep in mind they already take 60% off of the cover price ($5) as their fee and I have to pay to ship the books to them. Let's not forget that I also have to pay the printer, & the 'zine is already marked down so that it is non-profit for me. Doesn't take a genius to see that my already unemployed ass would LOSE on the deal, so I declined to buy advertising.

Diamond then told me the 'zine wouldn't be carried because we weren't up to the standard of slick, commercial magazines... our quality was too poor. What?! If I was to purchase advertising that would change things, they said. Huh?! How does my ad budget determine my print quality?! I told them we could sell 300 copies w/out their "help."

I feel Diamond has lost touch with comics fandom, they are hindering the fan movement rather than nourishing it like they should be. So I'm asking for any help you can give in our fight against blind corporate greed. Help us reach our goal of 300 issues. It's not much, really. I understand DAM visitors are more into manga and anime formats, but let's band together as comic fans. Purchase an issue or two, won't you? Thanks!