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Cover Of The Month

Weird Terror # 5

April 2004: Here's a recent addition to my collection that I am quite happy about. During the pre-code days of the early 1950's, Comic Media was doing some of the best horror around. They were right up there with EC as far as shock value is concerned. Don Heck did pretty much all the covers for this run, and they all featured some kind of close-up face shots. Check out the corpses hung in the background. Too cool. Anyway, I chose this cover because it was a birthday gift from my girlfriend this year! How great is that?! Comic collecting has often been considered geeky, so it feels great when you find someone who not only understands your hobby, but supports it as well! Thanks, Nicole! I love you! -Keith

Witches Tales #25

March 2004 : Harvey comics have a reputation for being silly little kiddie books. Richie Rich, Casper, etc. have become forever attached to the Harvey name. There was a time though when Harvey was putting out pre-code horror to rival the quality of infamous EC. Here is a book I bought around the end of 1995 for a mere $20, just before pre-code comics soared through the price guide roof. It is up for debate that this is the best WITCHES TALES cover of the run. For Part One of the HCR Index to WITCHES TALES check out HORROR COMICS REVIEW #3, which lists every story, major artist, and shows the cover for each book listed as well as interior art.

Adventures into the Unknown # 30

February 2004 : ACG put out some pretty tame pre-code horror material, as many collectors know. However, I'm choosing this cover for our initial Cover of the Month because this was the first pre-code horror comic I had ever bought. I purchased it for less than a dollar at a used paperback store in 1993. While looking up its listing in Overstreet I noticed a footnote stating "last pre-code" next to an issue. I began to investigate the term, leading me to other terms like "injury to eye", "bondage cover," and all the other great quotes Overstreet is known for. I quickly fell in love with these pre-code "bad guys" and have been hunting them down ever since. - Keith