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Here you can find back issue cover art and content information.

SPRING 2003 issue#1

The spring 2003 issue contains an interview with CREEPY, EERIE, and SKYWALD writer Kevin Pagan and an index of his work. There's a tribute to the late Johnny Craig of EC fame, and a look at writer Bruce (Hulk) Jones' work at Pacific on Twisted Tales. Also, back issue market reports, product reviews, and opinion poll.


Our second issue, dubbed the 2003 Halloween Spooktacular, features an interview with writer Joe Monks of NIGHT TERRORS and CRY FOR DAWN infamy. There is also an in-depth look at Fawcett's classic pre-code horror title, WORLDS OF FEAR. This article was made possible with the help of Golden Age great SHELDON MOLDOFF himself!

# 3 : One Year Anniversary!!!

Issue 3 was certainly our BREAK-OUT issue thanks to a stunning cover by Hollywood storyboard artist Pete Von Sholly! This is almost out of print, there are less than 50 copies remaining and we won't have another print run. Interviews with Pete Von Sholly and Scott Allie, editor of the Dark Horse horror line. Part One of our awesome and acclaimed index to Harvey's pre-code Witches Tales. The most extensive look at this title ANYWHERE!