Hedgehogs - Then and Now

Hogarth's (Spikey's) Hedgehog Rescue - Case Histories

Here will be a selection of case-histories, starting with the most recent ones. It is hoped that eventually, all of the hedgehogs records will be added in this area of our Web pages.

(In progress!).


NAME:  "Rebecca";  FROM:  Coventry PDSA Pet Aid Hospital;  WHEN?:  July, 2012;  WHY?:  Orphaned baby;  SURVIVED:  Yes!

Rebecca came to the "Lyndale" Unit based in Hinckley & Bosworth in Summer, 2012, from the city of Coventry in the West Midlands - and she was a found orphaned baby "hoglet", who'd been taken to the Coventry PDSA Pet Aid Hospital. She was referred and brought to us as a three-way collaboration between the Coventry PDSA, our own Vets here in Hinckley and ourselves. She seemed healthy and there didn't seem to have been long since she lost her mother, so was not too difficult to hand-rear. But she still needed hand-rearing on the special formula-milk by syringe. Eventually, she was successfully weaned on to more solid food, and made excellent progress during the rest of the Summer. However, she did need to be kept for longer because it was decided that she hadn't quite got enough weight to survive the long, hard Winter on her own. Since then she's been kept outside in "semi-wild", with plenty of space to run around, nesting with another hedgehog. She now weighs 730 grms.  In a short time, she will be released back into the full Wild, a fit hedgehog! 





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