Hogarth's Wild Life


Maya from Alexia's Story answers your questions!

Q.:  What is Hogarth's Wild Life?

A.:  'Hogarth's Wild Life' as a whole is a voluntary, charity-organisation based in the UK, that is part childrens' and part animal-welfare and conservation. It originally began late in 1993, as a group called "Foxwatch".  The charity has served/ and still does serve a number of purposes, and has several different forms and divisions (or sections) within it. The charity is funded by public donations and of course, given so much precious time and energy to keep it running.  The Main Menu on this introduction page takes you to different parts of the charity's work. Some of the links may open in a separate window. The on-line services use simple graphics and colours, with viewdata-style page/ or special code numbers - with the intention of making them more easier to navigate around. (In progress - thanks for your patience!).

Q.:  Is Alexia a real person? From Sapphire Mountain Chipmunk

A.:  Sorry folks, that's a secret!

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