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Poser Downloads-  Fantastic 4 site

Poser 4 by Curious Labs is the program needed to use these downloads.  Some files such as the torch are not recommended for Poser 5.


Mr.X's old Poser Mask Props (The read-me says non-commercial distribution is OK.)

Gerry's free SML gloves in the Animotions Free Section are required for the Invisible Girl and Lilith.  

Kang requires Gerry's free P-4 male thigh boots, and Captain America gloves on Animotions.

Kang also requires C. Stacy's green tunic on Hasdrubal 5.

Lilith will also require Gerry's hip and thigh boots on the same site.


Hasdrubal 1

Hasdrubal 2

Hasdrubal 3