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Old *Updates*


Finally!! Angelfire works again! New STH comic!


SORRY that I haven't updated in so long. Whenever I try to log into Angelfire in my computer my browser freezes. I'm uploading from the public library! two new STH comics are up!


Added Luke's HM comics. By the way Luke is now "joining" THMC staff. Now there are two ppl creating comicx for all you pplz.


A new semester of school has started! My new electives are foods and webpage. As a treat to all of u, I added 3 new STH comix!Yay!


Happy very late new years everyone! I just finished puting up 3 new STH comics go check it out!

Old *Updates*


Merry X-mas everyone!


I added an awards section and now I have one award! Yay! I'm expecting more *hint* *hint*


The HM STH comic is finally here! You no longer need to download the comics in the STH! Their right on the page! 2 are up! Go to the link underneath HM comic!


My STH comic is coming very very very soon! Oh yeah my search for my skool comic is almost over the new characters are: Estelle Kim, Ouwen Liang, Shelly Chen, Tyler Tan, Zhen Liu, and of course me! How cool izzat! Sorry no one can apply now. I need to know you or have a pic. And most people don't give out pics to webmasters :(


Did everyone have a great Thanksgiving? Well I added a BTN secrets page but nuthins in it so far I'll add some stuff today by Sunday I hope!


YAY! Thanksgiving break starts today for me. Why Couldn't we just have the whole week off, how messed up is that! Well tomarrow is thanksgiving! And you guyz can be thankful because i put up the next two Kento Past parts!Lae!


Sorry. I didn't update today just wanna tell you something. Due to the overwhelming request of a Save The Homeland Comic, I will create one. So far I have designed what Jack will look like (the artwork is way better!) but I'm not sure when the actual comic will be up. I was gonna put up the next two Kento's but I'm too lazy. Lae!


Put a shout out list and thats about it. Lae.


People have always been asking me whats up with Kento? Well now I put up a new saga right after Back to Before. NOTE! It is not the sequel to Back to before! These two don't tie in with each other. I just put it in there because there's no where else to put it!


Added The BTN Recipies page! Though theres not much in it so far:P


I'm so sorry for not updating the site in a while. I finished uploading the Kento Returns series and finished the brand new Back to before series. I have tons more to upload. And I don't think those will be up until I finish every part to them because I like to skip ahead.


I added the FAQ section about my comics so start sending me questions!


I'm so sorry that I haven't been updating! I know that we're under attack but I will try to keep up with the updates. Ok I know you're all very patient so on the 20th expect 5 or more new comics. Ok so whats with the story? Well Kento sends Tony to the past. And he meets Jack. Sorry but there are no updates to day.


I added one part in Kento returns. I already have drawn a few other parts, but I'm not in much hurry in putting them up. (Unless you e-mail me or AIM or ask me in my guest book :)


SORRY! I know i haven't updated up, but don't worry, I already have an for the regular series idea. The name of the next chapter is "Kento Returns!"


Well I added another miniseries. With a guest star appearnce from GTO himself! Onizuka! Well I'm planing to put my comics on my page instead of making you download them. Yes! It's Friday!:)


NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! School started! I feel kinda like a loner because I don't know much people at my new school *~sob~* oh well I'll make some new friends.


Well school starts tomarrow. I made a new page to tell you about who I am so check it out. It also has my schedule on it.


Well everyone, I had a WEB orientation today at my new school today. I'm attending 8th grade at Miller middle school. Oh no! You know which school I attend! I just hope none of you will try to come and kidnap or kill me! LOL! Hahaha! Well school starts this Thursday (8/23/01). Well enough with that, I put up a version of Karen goes to the city in one little tight package and I put up a new mini series thing that is based on the ads for the comic, you know like if toys ever came out for Havest Moon.


I finally finished Karen Goes to the city. I uploaded the last two parts in the saga today. If you have any ideas for the next chapter e-mail me or tell me in my guest book because right now I have no new ideas. Oh yeah I also made a new mini series page with comics and sketches. The mini comic series are set when Tony was 5 years old. I call it a mini series because I will only work on the comics when I have time. There is only one comic and one sketch in the mini series area.


Today I added 3 more comics to the Karen goes to the city series.


Hi. Sorry that this page wasn't online a few days ago. My server accidently took my page off. But it's back online again! I added 2 more comics in the Karen goes to the city series. And from now on all my comics will be in JPEG format so it will be faster to download, but they still will be zipped.


Today I fixed the links for the HM64 mp'3 and added 2 more HM64 mp3. I also put up a very rare Harvest Moon Winamp skin. Plus I also started another chapter for The Harvest Moon comic, It's name is Karen goes to the city. More updates are coming!


Hi for the first time The Harvest Moon Comic is up and running. Not much right now but 3 Harvest Moon Comics and some Harvest Moon mp3's! I will also have a Secrets and cheats section for all the games. An Mp3 area and some other good stuff.