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Hi everyone! I randomly decided to check if this page still existed and sure enough it's still here! The internet was a very different place back when this site started, and I had to jump through all sorts of hoops to get my account information migrated over to angelfire's newer system in order to login. It's been many years since I last updated or checked-in so I am quite pleased that this website hasn't been deleted yet. This site was an outlet for my younger self to be expressive and I am fortunate that I had a place to do so.

I have since moved on to other things and now make videos for a startup logistics website.
Feel free to check it out! I'll be making a few comics for them as well.

I want to thank everyone for being so supportive. I couldn't have done this without you guys and your encouragement. I might decide to finish the series during my spare time someday. But until then, thanks for reading and checking back!


No I haven't put up a new comic yet; but, I did put up the first comic online so theres no need to dl it. I also went back and changed the text so it's actually readable. Parts 9&10 of back to before have also went through the text upgrading. I'll try to fix the rest later.


Sorry I haven't updated at all in the couple of months, don't worry I am still working on the comics, and one should be done pretty soon. So keep checking back!


I finally updated the comics section! With one brand new Comic! Taking the series into a new direction with a new art style and layout (from now on all the new comics will be read from left to right). Hope you enjoy it!


Wow! I thought people stopped comming to this site a while ago, but with FoMT out, tons of people have been visiting. Well if you read the very top, I have decided to rework all the comics that aren't online yet. This will save me a lot of time and energy. I also added an unfinished comic, cause I know lots of people have been asking me what happens next! On another note, my site isn't dead yet! I know I lacked updates... but I never realized I had a lot of people still comming. Look for a newly reworked comic soon! And eww... what was I thinking 2 years ago... The layout here sux... I need to rework this too. And there appears to be a ultra annoying searchbar thing on the side of IE each time I view this homepage. I think I need to find myself a different server. But angelfire has been good to me and hasn't deleted this site after 2 years of innactivity. So anyways... glad people are still comming here! Look for an update in the comics really soon!


Yay! I got another award!


Another comic in B2B.


So sue me I'm one day late. Well I updated the next part in B2B to confirm that both Tonys aren't dead.


Don't worry Tonys not dead (the one in the comics just badly injured and the one in real life is just very lazy). I'll add one comic to the normal ones. I just need to finish boxing everything in. To lazy to put it up today though...


3 brand new normal HM comics!


2 brand new normal HM comics in the chapter "back to before" were added, and guess what? You can finally view them on the page. No more dowloading!(for the 2 new ones anyway). Go and check it out!

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