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FAQ’s About my comic

Q: Why did you do this? A: I did this to show the world that farming isn’t boring and it could someday become a TV show, movie, and a comic series. Q: When did you start your comic? A: I started it in the year of 1998 and I still am continuing with the long saga. Q: Why does it seem like your artwork is a little bit non-hm style? A: Well I tried to make it look a little bit like an anime thing but then I couldn’t add that much detail or else it wouldn’t look like HM. Look at the mini-series with GTO in it and you’ll know what I mean. Q: How come sometimes you don’t have backgrounds on your artwork? A: Well I do that so when I do have a background it will emphasize that panel. Q: Why don’t you draw the backgrounds though? A: Like I already said, and also is time consuming. Q: Well so what if it does take a long time? A: Hey! You wanna comic or not! Q: Who’s Kento A: Ok I’ve been getting so many e-mails a bout Kento that I’m afraid to check my mail. So I’ll tell you right now. Kento was introduced into my comic in 1999 one year after I started the comic. I was trying to introduce something the world of HM had never seen before. Someone evil, someone powerful, someone…you get the picture. So I did that and introduced him at the first Flower Festival. Oh yeah and he has weird powers. In my comic he can create Power Berry’s at will you’ll see that just as soon as I release the old comics. So I didn't answer your question? E-mail it or add it in my guest book or AIM me or whatever. I'll answer it as soon as I can!