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The Harvest Moon Comics

The Harvest Moon Comics

(note these are my works and they are not official. If you have sugestions or comments and if you see these comics on any other site tell me becuase you can not put any of my comics on your own page unless you e-mail me for them.)

(note#2 each part will be only one page long unless i specifically say so. All the files are zipped so you will need an unzipping program like winzip, and you will have to view them on your computer instead of on the site.)

How to read my comics

Ok so it seems lots of people don't know how to read my comics thats ok. You read them starting from your left hand side and then go down. After finish reading all the ones going down you go back up and go to the next box on your right and go down again. Just repeat the process and you may manage to read my comic, don't worry you'll get used to it. If you didn't quite understand that click this link to my instructions pageInstructions

After the Flower Festivle (3 Parts)

After the festivle part 1 (269kb)

(note* I'm like skiping 12 episodes to get here this is after the flower festivle and i don't think i will be puting up the ones before it anytime soon)[Finally online! No need to dl!]

After the festivle part 2 (406kb)

In this episode they settled things down and then had to pay a large bill

After the festivle part 3 (374kb)

Karen goes back home and tony finds out how boring life really is

Karen Goes to the city(8 parts)

Starting from here all the zipped files contains JPEG files instead of .bmp files so the files take less time to download. If I have enough time I will convert all the comics before the Karen saga into JPEG.

Karen Goes to the city part 1 (137kb)

In this episode Tony goes to the beach and sees Karen and Kai leaving

Karen Goes to the city part 2 (130kb)

In this episode Tony decides that he is going to go to the city to find Karen

Karen Goes to the city part 3 (125kb)

In this episode Tony buys a boat from Won and arrive to the city.

Karen Goes to the city part 4 (141kb)

In this episode Tony buys a PSone from a strangely fammiliar guy.

Karen Goes to the city part 5 (154kb)

Monopoly's fun, Monopoly's great. Winning a million dollars take the cake.

Karen Goes to the city part 6 (139kb)

Karen turns on the TV and sees the new Tony.

Karen Goes to the city part 7 (135kb)

The search for Karen has begun.

Karen Goes to the city part 8 (137kb)

Tony finally found Karen and they return to Mineral Village.

Karen Goes to the city (all parts)(1.06 mb)

This is all of the Karen goes to the city parts. If you want to read all of them, i suggest you download this one because it'll be a little faster.

Kento Returns(3 parts)

Kento Returns part 1 (151kb)

In this episode Tony goes to Gotz's house and sees Ken and Kento working there!

Kento Returns part 2 (129kb)

Kento once again plays a dirty trick on Tony

Kento Returns part 3 (141kb)

Tony is sent to a diffrent place or time

Kento Returns all (420kb)

All the parts in Kento Returns

Back to before (3 parts)

Tony finds out where Kento sends him and he's not happy about it

Back to before part 1(143kb)

Tony meets a look a like

Back to before part 2 (155kb)

The grand tour

Back to before part 3 (132kb)

The truth about the Chicken Statue can be very unbelieveable!

Back to before (430kb)

All the parts in Back to before

In this section you can finally view the comics on the page! but only this section though :(

Back to before part 4 (127kb)

Tony gets knocked out cold...

Back to before part 5 (168kb)

Did he say Kento?! (note* younger ones may not appreciate this one because of some violence...)

Back to before part 6 (150kb)

The truth about Kento...

Back to before part 7 (122kb)

Time travel can be so dangerous

Back to before part 8 (132kb)

First kiss...

Back to before part 9 (141kb)

Where am I?

Back to before part 10 (305kb)

I have no idea how to make a description for this one


Back to Before part 11 (Finally!)

The longly anticipated Number 11 is finally here! With a fully revamped art style and layout! *Read it from left to right now!* For those that don't already know, IE shrinks images to fit into your browser, so you have to make them normal size to see the text. Just leave your mouse on the picture and a little box should appear on the lower right hand corner, click it to enlarge to it's rightful size!

The story of Kento(parts unknown but it's gonna be a long one!)

The reason why Kento is like he is. (this is not after back to before! So don't come complaining to me about why these two don't tie in with each other!

The story of Kento part 1 (131kb)

Kento's long past is finally revealed! And what is Kenji, Kento's Brother, mixing into the mag?!

The story of Kento part 2 (139kb)

The sacred spell book has been unleashed!

The story of Kento part 3 (127kb)

The mag is defective!

The story of Kento part 4 (127kb)

Ouch that blasts gotta hurt! Oh yeah and Kenji betrays his own brother!