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Comics2Film  Tracks comics and graphic novels that moved to film & TV.

Comic Book Awards Almanac  One-stop-clicking for the Eisners, Harveys, Kirbys and more.
Comic Books For Young Adults  "The Web site is designed to introduce librarians (as well as teachers and parents) to the rich, diverse offerings from today's comics book publishers, and to encourage the acquisition of comic books and graphic novels in libraries serving young adults." By Michael Lavin
Comics Continuum  Industry news.
Comic Book Resources Mega-site for all things comics.


The Comics Get Serious  Graphic novel reviews by D. Aviva Rothschild, author of Graphic Novels: A Bibliographic Guide to Book-Length Comics. 

Diamond Bookshelf Reviews  Graphic novel reviews by librarian Katherine L. Kan, a.w.f. "Graphically Speaking" in VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates).

GNLIB Interviews  GNLIB Manager, Steve Miller, interviews authors and other "graphic" personalities. 

Graphic Novels & Comic Trade Paperbacks  Graphic novel recommendations by Dawn Imada, San Jose Public Library System (CA). 
Librarian's Guide to Anime & Manga  Definitions, descriptions, conventions, and more.

No Flying, No Tights  Reviews of GNs for teens.  By Robin Brenner.
Sequential Tart

Recommended Graphic Novels for Public Libraries  Great comic links section.  By Steve Raiteri.
What is a "graphic novel?" Comic description of GNs.
Words & Pictures Museum  Virtual Museum of Comics..

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