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"The Method Behind the Madness"

Why?  Just, Why?
(with apologies to Ms. Numeroff and her mouse.*)

If you give Steve an idea, he'll probably start a list.
If he starts a list, he'll probably want the people in the group to have fun.
If they start to have fun, he'll probably want to give them a prize.
If they want to give prizes, they'll need to vote for who gets the prizes.
If members from around the world need a place to vote, Steve will probably have to make a web page.
If Steve starts making a web page, he'll probably have an idea ...

... And that's what started GNLIB On The Web.

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* If you put Numeroff's Mouse in the box with Schroedinger's Cat, what would happen to the cookies?
(Just some of Mr. Steve's Quantum Babbling)