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Graphics Morgue - Calling Card
Images for Member identification.

Appropriate Use of GNLIB Graphics

PLEASE NOTE:  Angelfire does not allow deep-linking.  This means that you cannot simply link to the graphic that exists at an Angelfire web address.  To incorporate one of the images into your page, you must download the graphic, upload it to your web page, and link the image to the GNLIB On The Web site.

To Make a GNLIB Calling Card
Print this webpage (on a color printer, if possible).
Cut out the design along the outer line.
Fold along the middle grey line.
You're now a card-carrying member of GNLIB!  All the information you'll need to share the wealth of information and talents of your online friends is now at your fingertips! 

For Other Suggestions or Comments
Please fill out a Comment Card.  Thank you.

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