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A Compilation of cartoons, graphics, jokes, and anecdotes about comics, GNS, and/or libraries.

Shoe, by Chris Cassatt & Gary Brookins.  Syndicated comic strip about journalism.  This one, from June 9, 2002, references comics in libraries.
by Bill Barnes & Gene Ambaum.  Library comic strip that often deals with GNs/Comics in libraries. This sequence from April, 2002 is one in particular; just keep clicking NEXT.  Today's Overdue is reprinted, with permission, below. 
The Official Superhero Guide.
Take a quiz to see if you're a hero or a villian, get fashion tips on designing your costume, and learn how to pull a profit with superpowers. 
Superhero Theme Songs. 
Real Audio & MPE selections of TV/movie themes - Aquaman to X-Men. 
Lee's (useless) Super-Hero Generator.  Looking for the gimmick that make a really great hero (or villain)?  Get ideas for a name, superpower, transportation, and more! 
The Periodic Table of Comic Books.  References scenes from comic books that mention, sometimes inaccurately, "elementary" chemistry.
Which SuperHero Are You?  This self-help quiz helps you discover the Marvel superhero within.  Note: A trifle off-color in places, a bit male-centric, and it takes a minute to load.
Crazy Libs: Super Hero.  Stretched for a plot on your next comic?  This one can stretch plausibility faster than the speed of light.

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Overdue by Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum

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