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The Hottest Southern Belle

Real Name: Anna Raven

Affiliation(s): X-Men, Brotherhood

Mutant Powers: Rogue possesses the superhuman ability to absorb the memories, knowledge, talents, personality, and physical abilities (whether mutant or not) of another human being through physical contact of her skin with the skin of the other person.

Love Interest(s): Gambit(currently), Cody(First), Magneto(Briefly) and...

ME!!!!!!!!!! A guy can dream, can't he?!?!?

In X-Men Evolution they have made Rogue less vivavcious and more withdrawn. Instead of the scantily clad bombshell she is normally portrayed as, she is now a goth teenager. Although she still looks damn good, she has yet to find that special guy in her life

Showin a little skin couldn't hurt

Even in a kiddie cartoon Rogue still looks bangin

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