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Evolution Resolutions

As a new year approaches, the X-men Evolution cast has made their resolutions to better themselves. Most we wanna see happen, others we don't! Unfortunately there will be NO 5th season, so these Resolutions have been made in vain

Join the Hair Club For Men

The only thing he can steal, is Rogue's heart

Take Anger Management classes

Learn the word "fascinating"

Read the bible more

Successfully remove the stick from his ass

Get a Tan and wear less clothes

Say "Like" only 2 times a day

Remove the tissues from her bra

Find herself a man

Not be so horny

Attend Parent Counseling Seminars

Get some new gear

Beef up and start datin Fast Women

Shower daily

Two Words, Slim Fast

Be less of a Tom boy

Laugh with people instead of at them

Lend his accent to his movie version

Trim those pork chops

Find his purpose in life (and on the show)

Be the villain we all know and hate