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Sugah & Spice

"Gambit never say dis to anyone chere, but Gambit love you."

A taste of things to come?

Gambit & Rogue have always been paired up in Marvel. However, X-Men Evolution has taken a much different approach and introduced them as enemies. In fact, they've fought each other more than they've kissed. Yet neither could avoid the attraction and the "relationship" is slowly developing. The episode "Cajun Spice" showed their similarities and the last interaction between the two is when Gambit gave Rogue his lucky card, de Queen of Hearts. And we will never know how this love story turns out as Evolution has been cancelled. But we can always enjoy the moments they shared together!

The cajun charm, no woman can resist

Remember the good ol days?

The Evolution Versions

The Comic Versions

Remy & Rogue Taken to the Xtreme!