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X-men: The Last Stand

X-Men The Last Stand will forever be known as the Brett Ratner disaster. The movie had no flow or suspense build up and everything seemed rushed. The quick deaths and hurried fight scenes left little drama.
The lack of character build up also made the newer characters appear to be shallow, one liners who died for no real reason. Overall the movie was good, but not as good as its predecessors. Had it been longer it could have explained the plot more thoroughly and not ended where the first movie began.
Superman Returns will no doubt surpass X-men 3 as the best comic film of the year and we will no doubt support the next Marvel release, Spiderman 3.

So we are forced to root for the Aussie Arson himself...PYRO!!!

All bow down to the God Among Insects!!!

Rogue's ready for some lovin...

And so is Jean!!!

The time has come!!!

Who will you stand with???

Evil prevails!!!