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Hope you like it, and really I hope you come back!! I need hits... So mention here when you can. The music on this page can be found in my music downloads - it's the Gemstorm #1

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¬ The Jim-Bob Comics! - Whoo Yeah! I doodle tooons of comics in math class and now they're public. Some are repeats of other comics, but lots are my own creations. Scanned from crumpled paper, so doubt the quality. Enjoy!

¬ Message Boards - The message boards! Chat about whatever. If you feel like there's a topic missing, mail me and I might make it.

¬ Picture Section - Just pictures. Whatever's funny, cool, anything. Maybe I'll get animated pics.

¬Movies Section - Some movies. A lot are from another guy on the web. Go ahead and check em out, since I haven't.

¬ Music Downloads - Download some of the songs currently on. If you suspect viruses, that's cool, but I haven't even figured how I would =)

¬ Homework 'help' - Where you can get 'help' for your homework. Or just copy my old stuff ;) Be sure to check here often, I add stuff and you never know if you'll do something I did.

¬ Fun Stuff Section - Whatever it is that can help you from being bored, some last minutes, others are full out games that last months. There's no reason not to check this place out.

¬ My Garage Raps - Me & my friends kinda got into it. We don't freestyle but have a notebook that we use whenever inspiration hits. Some better than others.

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* * * Update movies, review and desricbe
* * * Get boards to grow, and put new boards
* * * Remove junk from homework section
* * * Move old news to news section, declutte
* * * Start adding more music, comics.
* * * Raps section
Comics Coming:
* * Look over there
* * Hug....

***2/19/04: Just so you all know, the site's pretty much dead. I still can do stuff, but I just don't have the time. ***9/14/03: Finished the stick figure battle comic. It needs a better name btw, email me with ideas. I thought of 'fat fight' but it sounds wiggy.

***9/8/03: Added TONS of raps. Tweaked their design a wee bit. Other than the *coughMANYcough* raps added there isn't much else.

***9/5/03: Raps section is up. I still need to link to my friend's tho.
___* "Unfair" rap is up and at 'em. Expect more soon.

***9/4/03: Adding a "Raps" section. I'm not sure if to put it on the main page or the music section. I gotta start adding tho. ***8/31/03: Finished "spider sense" comic!!! And it's color! sweet mother of w00t! *wipes away tear of pride*

***8/29/03: Fixing broken links nobody told me about <_<;

***8/24/03: Got "The Psychic" Comic up. First PC comic I've made. Actually it was like back on my B-Day but I didn't update.
___*Added funky pinball pic under pics section.
___*Moved junk from pics section to fun stuff section

***8/19/03: Cool. My birthday. I'm 16. Not that anyone cares.

***8/17/03: Not much, just some tweaks.

***8/11/03: Adding a 'comics coming section', it'll help me keep track of the ideas I have for new comics and stuff.

***8/10/03: Adding "Bring Me to Life" by Evanescence to music section. Adding y2k-ready comic to comics section.

***8/5/03: School oughta be starting soon, this will give me more web time and I should do more work. Oh, and I added a to do section so that people can see what's coming up too, and it helps me keep track.

***7/23/03: Planning on a 'fun stuff' section, because sometimes stuff just doesn't fit as a comic, picture, movie, and is equal to "whatever". In bigger news, I'm making a 'home site' with frontpage that's supposed to model this one. If I give it a lot of work, I may actually remodel the whole site. Same content, different look. May or may not happen.

***7/14/03: Big updates. Added new stuff to make you smile, moved stuff to have more space, and got off my butt. Still need to update news section, getting cluttered.

***6/30/03: Seems like my computer class is an oppurtune time to squeeze a little updating-sw00t. I updated the links section, added a bit too. I wonder what I've forgotten?

***6/23/03: Look, I got a lot on my plate right now and don't have anymore time for the site. Heck, I'm updating from school right now.
___*To Do: Update numerous backlogged comics, update music names, comment movies, try to auction mini-links, get FTP toys from school (movies, laff-4-a-sec things), consider webcam. MAn dIS biTEs.

***6/22/03: Supposed to be doin driver's ed homework, but found an internet stat thing for a supa-counter or somthin. Also, small index tweak on movies section.

***6/20/03: Proving I haven't deserted site. Fixed invisible link to movies section.

***5/18/03: Notes to self: Seperate pics and movies sections. Add to games section. Upload my photoshop magic. Use said magic as more backgrounds. Burn a couple dozen orphanages--did I say that aloud???
___*Uploaded 4 photoshop pics, pretty cool and you don't need phtshp to view.
___*Ah! Added a seperate movies section. Bout time.

***5/15/03: I have attained extreme laziness. I'm going to give up on the traffic updates most likely, but I'll try to keep moving the news. I've been meaning to do more, but I just never have time/get to it.

***5/7/03: Added games section. Has pretty much nothing in there. I did however, add a DL for the 8-bit theater game, some people may like =)

***5/5/03: Wow, I've been gone longer than I thought... I thought I put the comics on the news update? Odd. Well, some days ago I added the comics section, and just today I added the second comic.

Old News

Some other web sites
"Imasoldier's" site - My friends site. It's cool, has a bunch o raps (betcha mine's better!)
"Spike's Page" - Hopkin's Site, since he wanted me to link. Whatever.
My 'boy scouts site' - A favor for my dad, just doing it. He owns the computer, not me >_<
Humanities Project - Another favor. It probably oughta be under 'homework' but I need a quick link.

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