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Mariko Yashido

F) Gd10
A) Ex20
S) Ty6
E) In40
R) Gd10
I) Gd10
P) Gd10

Health: 76 Karma: 30
Resources: N/A Pop: 0

Known Powers:
Atomic Fire Generation: Un Physical and Mn Heat damage. She can increase her damage by +1CS but must make an End. FEAT to remain conscious.
Flight: Ex airspeed
Energy Sheath: Am protection vs. energy attacks, Gd vs. physical attacks.

Costume: Ex vs. Physical and Energy

Talents: Martial Arts A, B, Fashion, Bi-Lingual (English, Japanese), Peformer: (Piano, Violin)

Contacts: Exiles


Sunfire was raised in a very strict household. Her parents demanded that she get straight A's and excel in music by playing the piano and violin. They insisted that she only apply herself in areas that furthered her education before she was expected to marry, settle down, and have children. When her mutant powers manifested themselves, her mother and father saw it as a great shame and refused to ler her explore them. As she grew older, Mariko became more spirited and rebellious. She began voicing her dissent and the arguments that ensued with her parents inevitably led her to flee Japan and come to America.

Two days after she first set foot on American soil, Professor Charles Xavier found her and invited her to join the X-Men where she would find a second family. Despite her new role as a public figure, her parents still frowned on Mariko, not only for the new life she had chosen in America and for being a mutant, but also for her sexual orientation. Being a lesbian did not play back home in Tokyo.

At some point, Sunfire found herself in the company of a man calling himself the Timebroker. He explained to her that she had become unhinged from time as a chain of events had caused her realities as she knew it to change. New events in Sunfire's past caused her powers to manifested as uncontrollable atomic radiation. In order to return to her correct timeline, she would have to help repair other realities that caused the ripple effect that disrupted her reality or else return to her new, unfortunate alternate existence.

When Sunfire joined the team after the Exiles lost a member for the first time, Morph aided Mariko in adjusting chaotic lifestyle by helping her see the lighter side of every situation. The two formed a close relationship and Morph began to develop stronger feelings for Sunfire outside of friendship. In time, Mariko would reveal to Morph that she was a lesbian and had hesitated to tell him because she had a hunch about how he felt for her and didn't want to hurt his feelings. Morph took the news amazingly well, reacting in a sensible manner and they would continue the best platonic relationship in the team.

On a recent romp to world where the Legacy Virus has eclipsed the Black Plague before evolving into an even deadlier virus, Sunfire apparently has an affair with Mary Jane Watson who served as the Spider-Woman in the Avengers of this world.