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Raphael-Raven Darkholme

F) Rm30
A) Ex20
S) Gd10
E) Am50
R) Ex20
I) Rm30
P) In40

Health: 110 Karma: 90
Resources: Ex Pop: 0

Known Powers:
Shape-Shifting: Un, Mystiq gains the physical powers of the form she assumes and can increase his physical stats up to +1CS. Has the following power stunts:
-Night Vision: Un
-Claws: Am Edge
-Regeneration: Rm ability to heal surface tissue damage
-Body Resistance: In
-Longevity: He can suppress her natural aging process
-Mental Resistance: Am, constantly changing brain makes her hard to attack or read her mind
-Blending: Un
-Metabolic Resistance: In, he can reboot his genetic template to withstand many pathogens and poisons


Talents: Resist Domination, Artist: (Acting), Detective/Espionage, Multi-Lingual: (English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, plus 6 more unrevealed languages), Sleight of Hand, Chess, Cooking

Contacts: Exiles